Wednesday, 5 December 2018

What's in the box? NEW myHummy bear | AD

Sleep and babies, the two don't really go hand in hand for the first few weeks, maybe even months and if you are really unlucky...YEARS!
(but we still wouldn't change them for the world)

I'd never ever heard of white noise, let alone using it to help aid sleep with Harrison or my first two for that matter, but to be fair Ella and Harley were formula fed so they slept through pretty much straight away having fuller bellies. Harrison on the other hand being breastfed, I've found he would (and still) wakes up more often for a feed during the day/night. So I decided to look into this whole white noise thing.
I'd seen a variety of teddy bears that produce white noise and instantly fell in love with the myHummy bear.
If you didn't already know myHummy is a company that has designed a beautiful range of teddy bears that produce white and pink noise to help aid your baby with sleep. They have recently brought out a new range of bear families, the Sweethearts and the Smarthearts. We have been very lucky and have been chosen to test one out.

Each family is made up of three bears, a mummy, a daddy and a baby. Our bear is Max, he is the daddy bear from the Smarheart family.
The Smarthearts are a deep, darker grey colour as apposed to the Sweethearts who are a soft, lighter grey colour. Each bear has it's own unique look and comes with three added extras in the box. Max has a stunning turquoise coloured handkerchief styled scarf and matching colour non-removable pants. On the back of him there is a sewn on loop for the ring to loop through and keep him secured in place in a cot/crib, BONUS the ring also doubles up as a teething toy for those more troublesome teeth. Also on the back is a zip to access the pocket where you insert the humming heart. 
As the heart is removable this makes it very easy to keep Max clean as he can be washed in the washing machine. There are three different types on hearts for the bears, we have the bluetooth one which can be controlled very easily through the myHummy app. 
You also get a heart shaped pouch in the box to pop the heart in for going out and about.
 I will be checking back in to let you know how we are getting on with our myHummy bear in a couple of weeks, I mean I've only been using him a few days and I've already noticed a difference, nap times especially. Harrison stayed down for an extra 50 minuets thanks to the sensor mode, now that's sleeping like a baby!

Be sure to check out the myHummy website - where you will find the two families and all six bears. You can also find them on Instagram @myhummyuk where there are even more pictures to be seen.

I've included my unboxing video of Max which is live on my YouTube channel now, if you liked it please be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe so you don't miss out on our update.

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Thursday, 15 November 2018

Sibling Similarities | Throwback Thursday

Recently I moved the desk out of the boys bedroom and downstairs so I could set up my iMac instead of it just sitting there gathering dust. I'm actually typing this blog post on it now and it feels pretty good. I don't think I've ever used it for blogging, I've always had my MacBook handy, anyway that's besides the point.
Seeing as it is all set up now I thought I would look back at old photos of Ella and Harley at around a similar age to what Harrison is now. Prepare yourself because you are about to be hit with a major throwback of baby photos!

We have always thought that Harrison has looked more like Ella as a baby, so I started with December 2010 photos when Ella was also four months old. This was also when I got my first DSLR camera, so the photos are pretty good quality.

Ella and Harrison have the same nose no doubting that! It was the first thing I noticed about him when he was born funnily enough.

Now looking back at baby photos of Harley it really is quite a shock just how much he has changed! I always remember he was quite blond when he was a baby (he's now dark shade of brown) but his facial features have changed so much. Is it because he's a boy? Or maybe it's just me, I'm not sure. I've always felt Ella has stayed mostly the same, perhaps she will change more in her teenage years being a girl.

I couldn't quite believe my eyes after looking at Harley aged four months, he and Harrison both look so similar maybe even more so than Harrison and Ella.
There is no doubting that Harrison is such a mixture of both his sister and brother and when you take a moment to look back, it really is quite amazing the similarities you pick up on.

Do you find similarities in your children when you look back at old baby photos?
Who would you say Harrison looks more like?
After seeing Harley's baby photos I'm starting to think the boys are more similar than I thought!

take care xo


Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Four Months of Harrison | Baby Update

Here we are another month old, 4 months now to be precise. He is no longer looking like that teeny tiny baby anymore, I feel like Harrison is really starting to develop and come into his own little personality. He loves to lay on his play gym and bat his toys around, his grip and hand eye coordination has really come along now too! If I hold something like his teething ring in front of him for example, you can see him slowly (and shakily) reach out and grip at it. He doesn't always get it first time, but he keeps going until he's got it and then it's straight in the mouth like most things these days.
I'm sure he is teething as he's been super dribbly, everything is going in the mouth and he has even had a sore little bum a few times, but nothing too bad to bother him he has still been very happy.
Harrison is now rolling back to belly and I caught his first real roll on video, I was so happy! He hasn't quite mastered the art of rolling back all the time just yet, but I'm sure it will be only a matter of time.
(please excuse my voice, as you can tell I was super excited/happy)
His little napping routine he's developed is going well, I'm able to get a few more things done these days which is so nice, he has also started going down to bed at 9pm but is still waking 1-2 times a night.
I wonder what the next month will bring?!
Be sure to check out our 4 month update video below.

take care xo