Monday, 19 September 2016

Den Building

Hey, welcome back (I really wish I could insert an emoji here -_- )
ANYWAY, I hope everyone had a great weekend.
I started mine by getting my new iPhone 7 wooooohooo, but thats for another post another day.

This blog post is about the fort/den we built on Saturday.
So it started with Matt going out for the night, and I hate, hate, HATE sleeping on my own. So, I thought why not build a little camp/fort/den (whatever you wanna call it) downstairs and me and the kids have a little sleep over thing.

I was actually very proud with the end result, we called it 'The Den of Wonder'
Fairy lights gave it the magical touch it needed, and we all enjoyed a dominos pizza whilst watching good old Toy Story before eventually going to sleep.
Here is the Daily Vlog from our den day :)

Take care xo

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