Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Tanya Bakes - Chocolate Honeycomb Caramel Cupcakes

Hey guys, hope you are all well :)
Apologies for the slowness of getting this post up, I haven't quite grasped regular blog postings. (will get there one day!)

Incase you haven't already guessed this is a baking post, a recipe from Tanya Bakes to be precise! It's the chocolate honeycomb caramel cupcake one, and let me tell you now, these were suuuuuuper tasty. 
Normally I'm a little skeptical following new recipes (cake ones especially) but these tasted JUST how cupcakes should, moist and delicious, yummy.

  I lined silver and gold cases in a muffin tin, and I doubled them up because it looked like they were in the picture (I still don't know why you'd do this?)

 Creaming together the butter and sugar.

 One change I did make was using caramel flavour instead of vanilla extract. 
(I'd run out)

 I've read plenty of times that an ice-cream scoop is PERFECT for getting even amounts into a cupcake case, it worked well for me!

Now at this point I was very skeptical of how much you needed to make the icing (all of the above, NO leftovers!) 

As you can see, quite a lot left over, but of course it can be stored in the fridge.

Cooled down and ready to ice!

The aftermath of Crunchie smashing!

And here we have the end result. 

(ran out of silver and gold cases)

I was VERY happy with the end result, and as I've said they did not disappoint, of course they didn't last long either!
Everyone loved them in our house, the icing was tasty and sweet with no sign of sickliness!

I originally baked these for national cupcake week, which is a while ago now, whoops! But I can't wait to bake something else from Tanyas book now!

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