Thursday, 2 March 2017


So going by the title of this blog you should've already guessed what this post is about.. yup, that's right a sims series!
I absolutely love, love, LOVE this sims and I'd really like to get back into playing. So thought I'd share my love of sim gaming with you 😊
It started back with the first ever sims (when we first got a computer!) I used to watch my brother play. I wasn't actually aloud to play because
1) I was quite young (pretty sure I was 7 or 8)
and 2) I didn't have a clue what I was doing!
I remember begging my brother to teach me and occasionally he would let me play on his families, but never ever saved them after 🙄 so I used to sneak on and basically ruin all his doing 😏
Eventually I was aloud and got the hang of it. I could be glued to the small screen for hours on end and I'd have pretty much every expansion pack installed too. 
I was a sims addict!

ANYWAY, perhaps we can revisit my sims history another time 😉
This post is to introduce you to my sims 4 gameplay which I will be sharing on my Youtube channel, yay 😊
I currently have no sort of upload plan, because having two kids it is hard finding time to actually play the game, edit upload etc.
But here it is...

Let me know what you think/what you'd like to see happen with this family, and if you play any sims also.

take care xo


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