Wednesday, 12 April 2017

12.04.2017 | What I Ate Wednesday

As it's the second week into the easter holidays I'm letting myself have cheeky little lie-ins, so breakfast was a little later than usual at 8:30am.
I had Tesco honey and almond granola with unsweetened almond milk, four strawberries cut into four, a coffee and my little jam jar glass of water.

1:00pm I FINALLY sat down to lunch after heading out with the kids to get some nice fresh rolls for our lunch. I had a toasted panini with chicken and light mayo,  red/green grapes, mango Muller light greek style yogurt, my Women's Best BBCA Amino strawberry and kiwi drink and water.
Fun fact, I prefer yogurts with a plastic spoon 😂

Snack time 4:20pm I had a coffee and Kelloggs special K Belgian chocolate cereal bar.

7:30pm we sat down to dinner which was Linda McCartney mozzarella burgers in a wholemeal bun with light burger cheese and homemade potato chips.

For pudding I had a birthday cake Fab ice lolly, they don't taste much different to the original, but are still super yummy.

This blog was live from today, if you'd like to see a vlog added let me know and I will do it a day or two in advance 😊 
What if your favourite meal of the day?

take care xo

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