Thursday, 20 April 2017

Dinosaur Golf ⛳️ | Easter Holiday Fun

So the two weeks are up! Poof gone, over, just like that ☹️
Not going to lie it's great to be back in routine and able to get down the gym (after two weeks off!) but I miss my little best friends already.
Good thing Harley still has half days Monday - Wednesday until September when he starts reception...STOP.
Anyway I think the kids would agree that we all had a super fun packed half term, and this post is about what we got up to on the last day.
If you haven't already guessed we visited Dinosaur Safari mini golf.
It's located just off the A1 and was £28 for a family ticket. My mum was supposed to come, but unfortunately got sick and couldn't make it. So it ended up being just me, Ella and Harley.

We left around 1:30pm, which actually turned out the be perfect as it wasn't that busy at all. It took us roughly and hour to get round the 18 hole course.
This was only the kids second time here, but Harley especially had got the hang of it...well sort of.

If Matt had come he probably would have been all competitive, but me and the kids aren't like that 😉

As you can probably tell by our score card.
Here's a little taster of the course in the vlog too.

All I can say is roll on May half term when we are off on a SUPER DUPER exciting adventure, which the kids know nothing about! It's going to be awwwwwsome!

Do you enjoy mini golf? What's the best one you've been to? Let me know 😊

take care xo

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