Monday, 15 May 2017

Meal Plan Mondays 🍽 | Week 10 🐎

Welcome, take a seat and see what we eat 😉
I am one VERY busy bee at the mo, juggling vlogging, blogging, family life and work! So please, if I seem a bit short a sweet it's because I want to get this up for you, but I'm so soooooo busy right now 😴 But of course I'm not going to let my meal plan squad down 💪🏼

Omelette, cheese and chorizo for the fillings. I call this the 'pizza omelette'

A nice easy one of sweet chilli salmon with some of our face firecracker rice.

Some tasty Linda McCartney mozzarella burgers with homemade sweet potato chips.

Nothing compared to last weeks meal, but just as tasty was some good old chicken in a bag, sticky BBQ flavour, served up with some wholegrain rice.

Naughty pizza party, but slightly more behaved that usual was a Papa Johns large (normally XXL) all the meats pizza, with garlic sticks on the side.

I had a tasty little Nandos, I had been out at ASCOT all day, so 1. there was no way to cook, 2. I was no way cooking anyway haha. I did go for something different this time however. I had chicken in pitta, med, with peri peri chips.

After the weekend we had, there was, again, no way I'd be cooking. So we order in some Chinese food, and this time it was the right chicken 😉 ....Matt ordered me the wrong one last time 👎🏼

How was your week? I also quit the gym LOL. So I've been super laid back with food and not working any of it off, whoops, but I feel ok about that.

take care xo

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