Sunday, 29 October 2017

long time, no read - Willows Farm Pumpkin Festival

A BIG fat long awaited helloooo everyone!
Sorry, I know it has taken literally for-ever for me to get my butt in gear a type up a blog post, 4 months to be exact 🙈

I've got several things I've wanted to talk about, but since I started my not so new anymore job in June, finding the time to squeeze it in amongst family time, work time and full-time vlogging has really been hard. 

BUT today I bring you a new shiny post woo!
So as some of you may be aware and all my mummy readers will be, it's half term and yesterday I took the day off work as we were due to go to the Sacconejolys book tour in Milton Keynes. But sadly Harley was just not up to it ☹️(as in he just did not want to go) and I wasn't going to stand by and waste a days holiday.

 So I decided to surprise the kids with a trip to Willows farm, somewhere they have been begging me to go since we went over a year ago.
I will add that video in at the end for you 😉
Don't get me wrong I absolutely LOVE Willows, but it has become a little pricey to go every so often so I like to try and mix it up going in different seasons at different times of the year, as they have different themed activities going on.

This time we went to the pumpkin festival which we have never done and it was tons of fun. The kids get to go to the pumpkin patch and find their perfect pumpkin, you can also do carving there, but we decided not to and bring ours home.
The kids favourite bits were defiantly the shows and meeting Peter, Nutkin and Lily for some big snuggly cuddles.

We did so much outdoors stuff this time we didn't step a foot into the indoors play area at all!
Here's the vlog from our day out.

and from the previous visit.

Until next time Willows!

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Speak soon (hopefully😉) xo


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