Tuesday, 9 January 2018


Hello, hello!
Yes I know it's been FOREVER (as always 🙈) 
BUT it's a new year so, it's a new start. So let us start it off with a big announcement... 

Yup, that's right! Sometimes I can't even believe I'm saying/writing this, considering I thought I was 100% done. And even more of a shocker, this is our first planned pregnancy! Not that we didn't want Ella or Harley, but they were never planned. Having Ella at just aged 18 especially, but nonetheless they have made me and Matt the parents we are today and I would never, ever change that for the world! I literally live to be a mum, it was defiantly meant for me.

So, lets talk baby no.3, eek.
Baby Pearman no.3 is due in July, just under one month before Ella's birthday (1st August) and we are NOT finding out the sex this time. Which I'm actually super excited to do. Ovbiosuly we found out with Ella, and then of course we had to with Harley, already having a girl we wanted a boy so we would have one of each, which we got super lucky and did! Not saying we would have been disappointed with another girl, but it is sort of the dream to have one of each let's be honest.
Anywho, this time round it will be a surprise on the day of arrival, which I always sort of wanted  to do after having one of each.
Ella has said she would like a baby brother so when we move (which we are hoping to do so later this year) so she does not have to share a room LOL. Harley is aware it could be either a boy or a girl and is already talking/hugging/kissing my belly, which is SUUUUPER cute!

I've never vlogged/blogged about a pregnancy so it's a new exciting experience for me and I'm hoping to get stuck in with baby vlogs/blogs😊
I've noticed things have changed quite a bit since my last in 2012, so any tips and advice will be very appreciated!

Let me know if your planning a baby or are pregnant too! If so, when are you due? Is this your first, second, third, etc?

I've popped in the reveal vlog, be sure to check it out.
Speak soon xo


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