Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Down in the dumps ☹️

So where to start this post...
Basically I just wanted to pop on and clear up a few things as I feel they need a little explanation.
DW it's nothing bad, just my way of saying,
'hey 👋🏼 I'm still here, I'm not going anywhere'

If you follow me/us on YouTube you will have noticed I haven't posted a vlog/video in a couple of days and also that I've not been very consistent with my videos...
sorry about that 😣
I feel like the last couple of days my emotions have been all over the place (probably the pregnancy hormones) and that it was affecting my feelings about vlogging.
I've just been feeling like more recently I have no time to spend doing the things I love and that life is BASIC as hell! 
It feels like get up, work, eat, clean, sleep, repeat...and I felt like that was reflected in the vlogs YAWN!
But anyway, I will be picking the camera back up tomorrow and just taking each day as it comes. 
I LOVE vlogging and finding the time to blog too and there are so many super exciting things coming up in my/our lives this year, so like hell am I going to let those pass by.

I hope you all understand and I'm sorry there hasn't been any vlogs recently.
Please don't hate me and thanks for understanding 😘

If your in need of a video why not check out this one from 3 years ago!!!

take care xo

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