Monday, 19 March 2018

Meal Plan Monday IS BACK!🍴

Now I know I said previously I wasn't looking to bring back 'Meal Plan Monday' posts just yet, but I just found myself noting down dinners each day this week.
So here we have a return of Meal Plan Monday with a little extra added details of the meals we ate this past week,
bon appétit!

The week started with good old sausage and mash.
I used x8 pork sausages
(x4 each)
and for the mash I used x2 sweet potatoes, x3 white potatoes and add in some butter and cheese 🧀
Matt had half a tin of beans and I had gravy.

Is a nice easy go to for us, tomato and chilli pasta. I did mix it up a little with a new pasta this time however.
I used 120g of whole wheat penne pasta,
x2 southern fried chicken grills (chopped up)
half a jar of Tesco tomato and chilli sauce and some grated cheese on top.

Wrap Wednesday! As you can probably tell we had wraps.
We used the Tesco mediterranean herb wraps with x3 medium sized chicken breasts cut into strips, then placed in a Colmans cajun flavour season and shake bag and pilau rice to go with. 

Was turkey steak day, just like the kids turkey dinosaurs, but more of an adult version😉
With those we also had homemade chips made out of x3 odd sized sweet potatoes and x2 medium white potatoes.

Now I felt I was doing really well and ever had a meal planned for this day...but Matt wanted take out pizza and then Ella overheard and also wanted take out pizza, so we got Papa Johns.
I shared a large margarita with Ella and had myself some BBQ chicken wings.

We had what I planned the day before which was spaghetti bolognese.
For this I used 250g beef mince and 120g of spaghetti pasta.
Easy peasy.

I always feel a nice hearty meal is needed on a Sunday. We had a small pie each, mine was chicken and gravy, Matts was chicken and mushroom. And to go with we had roast potatoes made up of x6 small white potatoes cut into 8, and of course gravy to go on top.

Whilst Meal Plan Monday is back, it's not going to be every week at the mo, just so I can get back into the swing of it and enjoy it once again!
I hope you enjoyed the meal plan and keep your eyes peeled for another soon.

take care xo

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