Wednesday, 13 June 2018

36 weeks pregnant | UPDATE

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog.
Today I'm just writing up a quick 36 weeks pregnancy update, I can't believe it's come around so super quick! Looking back, I wish I had documented this pregnancy a little bit better, as it could well be my last.
But, hey-ho it is a little bit hard to keep up with you are a working mum, but now I'm on maternity leave I will try to keep up with it in these last few weeks😊
(If you would prefer a video scroll down, I have uploaded a pregnancy vlog too!)

So since I last updated you there have been a few things that have changed, for one (that I forgot to mentioned in my pregnancy vlog, whoops!) is that we have changed our girls choice of name! I can tell you we did have 'Willow' originally, but for reasons I'd rather not say, it completely put me off the name for us. I do still think it's a super pretty name, but sadly it is no longer for us. We do have a new girls name picked out, we actually decided on it whilst Ella was trying to find her own name on a door plaque in pound land. I know right!

I've also been suffering with a swollen foot. I'm happy to say it is NOT preeclampsia, even though I did have to venture up to the MLU to be told this due to it being only one foot and no other symptoms. I guess my body has just gotten too heavy for my feet to deal with.

We have also since had a growth scan for baby back in May. I'm sure it was May 11th, anyway baby was measuring 4lb 4oz then and I've been following my pregnancy on the bounty app and our baby's weight was actually measuring a week ahead of the app! But our baby is also following its line so nothing to worry about and we haven't been asked to go to another scan.

About a couple of weeks ago now I was pretty sure my body has started to prepare itself for labour, as I (TMI) had super bad diarrhoea and I'm pretty sure I was experiencing braxton hicks. I've never experienced them in previous pregnancies so I couldn't be 100% sure it was or if it was because of my body flashing itself out, either way I'm happy to say that has all settled down now and I'm back to my old self, apart from my little limp I've now taken on.

If you watch our daily vlogs you will know we have recently bought a house and moved, so of course we have had to change plans on where we are having this baby and I'm happy to say we are all booked in at our new hospital and they do have a MLU and consultant led unit right beneath it.

I honestly can't tell if I have 'dropped' but what I do know is my belly button looks like it is about to have a baby of its own!

I am still yet to pack my hospital/baby bag, but I am hoping to do that next week with a video/blog post, so keep an eye out.
Here is my pregnancy vlog to go with this blog, please do check it out.

As always be sure to check out our youtube channel Pearman Vlogs and subscribe to keep up with us.

Util next time,
take care


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