Saturday, 8 September 2018

Staying in a Biarritz caravan

For our family holiday this year we did a UK holiday, it was a sort of last minute holiday, well it was booked a week or two in advance, I class it as last minute one because we wasn't planning on any sort of holiday for 2018.
Looking back at last year 2017 we were SUPER lucky as we did camping for easter, we did Disneyland Paris for May half term and then we went to Turkey in August. We also had a little weekend at the caravan for our anniversary in July.
Seeing as we were in the process of buying a house and having a baby, due in July, a holiday abroad just didn't seem realistic for 2018.

We stayed at Hurley Riverside Park where we are lucky enough to have family there who own a caravan, but we decided to book one this year as there was one more of us to squeeze in. We stayed there for one week Friday to Friday over the bank holiday weekend in August. We've always stayed in Matt's dads caravan so this was kind of a new experience for us staying in one of the rentals. I'm happy to say it did not disappoint and I've already said to Matt when we get our own plot, which someday we do hope for, but that's for another time, I'd want a van like the one we stayed in.
The make was Biarritz I've no clue about the model, sorry, but I can tell you it was a two bed with a pull out sofa bed, ensuite toilet in the master bedroom, main bathroom with a lovely shower and toilet ovbs. A super cosy front room with a little electric fire with light up flickering flames and glittery logs, two doors that opened out onto a little patio balcony area and a nice little kitchen, with a cute little dinning table and four chairs. Oh and central heating!!
I managed to get some pictures before we unloaded all our clobber, I'd forgotten just how much you need with a new baby so it was a good thing we didn't all try to cram ourselves into Matt's dads van.

The living room.


Master bedroom.

Second bedroom.


Main bathroom.

We also filmed a little caravan tour which is up on my channel Chelvlogs and I've included the video at the end of this post.
This caravan park is such a lovely place to stay it's not like your typical kids club 'type' site, it's more of a spending quality time together 'type' one I personally feel. Lots of big green fields, some farm animals, river walks and nature trails or for the rainy days playing board/card games, or cosied up on the sofa watch a film together.
If you've stayed here before let me know, did you love it? Or let me know if your thinking of going here! 
Be sure to check out the tour video for a more detailed look.

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