Saturday, 27 October 2018

Baby's 100th Day 'Birthday'

When I was researching up about baby milestones I came across the 100th day birthday, now I never did anything like this with my first two and milestone cards were defiantly not around or as big as they are now when I had either of them. I do have milestone cards for Harrison, but I've never actually used them oops!
Although I didn't go all out with a party, banners and balloons like some do (more so in other countries, as it is VERY well celebrated) I did do a mini photoshoot with Harrison to make it special and remember that 100th day milestone.

I went with the milk bath idea as another mum friend had done her own little shoot like this and it had turned out so well that I just couldn't wait to give it a go myself.

I couldn't believe it was as simple as running a slightly warmer bath for Harrison and just adding your everyday off the shelf whole milk!

I'd not really done my own research, only what I had read from my friends blog post. She has a baby girl so she used pretty, colourful flowers. I felt that there were more props/foliage you could use in the bath for girls than boys. 

I probably should have done a little more research when it came to foliage for boys, as pretty much all my foliage sunk.

Like with any baby photoshoot I end up with HUNDREDS of photos and only end up with a select few favourites. Personally I LOVE how they have turned out and I know that every time I look back at them, I will remember this was his 100th day in the world.
Be sure to check out the blog where I got my hints and tips on how to get the milk bath ready.

Did you know that the 100th day is celebrated as a birthday in some countries? Have you ever done a milk bath, what foliage worked best for you? I'd love to know as I'm defiantly going to try this out again in the future.

take care xo

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