Saturday, 15 December 2018

Breastfeeding BShirt | DITL

I have been very lucky to receive a BShirt 'lift the flap' vest top.
When people ask 'how comes' to me for breastfeeding Harrison after Ella and Harley were formula fed, I honestly couldn't give you a specific reason. This time I just felt ready and more determined than ever and so far it has worked out really well. We did have a rocky start, but we powered on and have been exclusively breastfeeding for a while now. I've spoken about my breastfeeding journey in a previous post, so if you'd like to read that click HERE.

Every breastfeeding mother I'm sure will agree with me when I say that you have to be selective when it comes to what you are wearing, especially if you are out for the day. For example I couldn't get away with wearing my t-shirt style dresses anymore, unless I want to show the whole world what's thank you!
Most tops/dresses come with clips and let's be honest doubled up clip doesn't feel like a great or look nice, it's bulky. Or you might be like me still wearing non-breastfeeding clothes and having to wear a vest top under everything incase of exposure. 

The Bshirt is so practical because it has two breast shaped holes that is covered by a flap, hence the name 'life and flap.' The flap has a beautiful lace detailing at the bottom and all you have to do is lift it up and depending what side you are using the other stays completely covered.
The material is super soft, thick and the length is a nice fit for a tall women. I'm around 5ft8 and a top that fits nicely, especially in length, is always important to me. I feel very comfortable wearing this style of BShirt with jeans and if they made a longer one for legging lovers, I'd be the first to buy! I'm a size UK 10 and I can honestly say that the fit is true to size as I'm usually in-between a UK 10-12.
These tops are a definite must have for any breastfeeding mum, it has defiantly given me more confidence when feeding in public due to it being such a discreet design. They have a wide variety of colours and different designs so be sure to check them out.
Be sure to check out my 'day in the life' mini vlog where you can see me testing out the top for the first time too!

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