Thursday, 20 December 2018

Five Months of Harrison | Baby Update

So here we are another month older and growing with every second!
The 5th month has brought a few new changes, one being that I've noticed he's getting ready to start weaning! I say this because he has been taking slightly longer to settle for nap time or just not settling at all. He is also showing a great interest in our food when we sit down to dinner. Sometimes Matt will hold him whilst we are eating and Harrison will reach out for Matt's plate. Although he may be showing signs he's ready, I'm not, but I'm excited to start as I plan to do BLW with him.

He is almost officially out of his 3-6 months clothing, which makes me sad as he had some pretty cool outfits for that age group. Of course he has some nice new things to wear, but I just want him to stay teeny tiny forever and ever. Another thing he has outgrown is nappies, meaning that Harrison is now wearing a size 4. I still haven't got him regularly weighed, I mean he is gaining weight, I can tell because he is defiantly getting heavier. (my poor arms)

We took a trip to the Drs because his eczema just wasn't getting any better, despite keeping him very well moisturised with Childs Farm. They did prescribe Harrison some steroid cream and it did clear it up, but due to this freezing cold weather it has flared back up on his head/face again slightly. Luckily we still have some cream left, so apply as and when needed.

Last month he started rolling and he has pretty much mastered this, it's just getting back onto his back he can't always figure out. However once he is on his belly he can now spin around in a circle!
He is very inquisitive and loves having all his toys around him, so it's pretty handy that he has learnt how to spin around to find each one.

Probably my most favourite thing that he has recently learnt to do is putting his little feet in his mouth. He will be lying on his back and his foot will just catch his eye and if he has no socks on he will suck on his little toes. This is such a cute little baby move, I just find it simply adorable especially for photos.

I already have a feeling the next month is going to bring lots of excitement, being it Harrison's first Christmas and with starting his weaning journey!

Be sure to check out our 5 month update video below.

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