Friday, 11 January 2019

2019 'New Year's Resolutions' | January Goals

So I've seen that quite a few YouTubers have ditched your typical New Year's Resolutions and opted for monthly goals. This instantly appealed to me because I have so much I want to achieve this year, but if I break it down throughout the months of the year and do it little by little, I may actually end the year having achieved most (if not all) of my resolutions that I would have set for the whole year. I mean it makes sense really, instead of setting myself up to fail I might actually crack this!

Ok so my gaols for January, are you ready?
My first goal is to write AT LEAST one blog post a week.
Now this may seem small to some, but I'm a mum of three now, I have no hired help and I have a bigger house to maintain (and my sanity) trust me, it is hard! I'm hoping that if I start off small and regular it will lead to more than one a week and still keeping it regular, but baby steps.

My second goal is very similar to my first, but it's on the YouTube side of things. That's right I want to get AT LEAST one video up per week.
Again this may seem small to some, but I'm starting small and hoping to work my way up to three, maybe more, in the future.
A little side goal to YouTube is that I'd like to reach 1K either before or by the time I go back to work in July. So if you do like my videos, pretty please hit that subscribe button and help me work towards my dream!🙏🏼
(sorry for the little beg)

Ok third goal is to drink a minimum of x2 of my bottles of water.
The water bottles I use are these ones from Matalan, I'm not sure how much they hold I think it's roughly 700-900ml. 

Fourth goal is to STOP PICKING!!
Well I've actually said to myself to pick less simply because I am TERRIBLE for it. I will make a spot out of nothing and pick at my face most of the day given the chance. I've found if I tell myself to stop picking all together I will actually find myself sitting down at the mirror and picking even more. That's why I've said to myself for the month of January to pick less in the hope that each month it will get lesser and lesser.

My fifth goal is to go back to better portion control sizes.
This is something I got really good at before, but I think it kinda went downhill when I got pregnant with Harrison. I guess I used that as an excuse to eat anything I wanted and eat bigger meals. I mean I'm not some big greedy person who eats LOADS, it was more of eating/making a meal that served four and eating it between two (not the baby expression, me and Matt) more than anything.

My sixth and final goal is to be more organised for the month of January and so far it is paying off!
I got so bad in December, I stopped writing things down and as a result of that I missed Harley's B.A.T award assembly. (worst, mum, ever) But I have treated myself to two lovely new planners and have kept my diary for purely anything school or home, so sorta like our family calendar because we don't have one. One of my planners is purely for all things blog and vlog so I can jot down my ideas and when I'd like to upload them. My smaller one is simply for meal planning. If you'd like yo see a blog/video on my planners/diary let me know!

...and that's it! Fingers crossed I can smash my goals for January. Be sure to let me know if you have set yourself some monthly goals or if your sticking to the old NewYear's resolutions!
I've left my January goals video below if you'd like to check it out, be sure to subscribe to my channel to never miss an upload.

take care xo

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