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MyHummy How Are We Getting On? | AD

You may know that we were sent one of the new myHummy bears to try out and review. We have had our bear Max a little over a month now so plenty of time for me to give you an open and honest review on our time together so far.

Max the bear:
At a first look Max is absolutely beautiful, he is a deep, dark grey colour which has been very eye catching for Harrison. He instantly reached out for Max and found him very easy to grasp at. The bear is extremely soft with easy grip arms, perfect for those little hands that love to grab and wave things about rather frantically. 
The paws have a beaded texture to them which is great for baby sensory, Harrison especially liked the way they felt between his little fingers and thumb. The pouch to which you place the heart is done up by a zip (no nasty velcro!) meaning that the heart stays in place. Because you can remove the heart, Max and all the other bears are machine washable. This is great because we all know how far sticky fingers travel.

The heart:
Ah the heart, the thing that plays those sweet, sweet soothing sounds that help my baby to nod off! There are a total of three different hearts that you can get for the bears, we have the bluetooth one, meaning that we can control all sorts of useful settings simply through the touch of an app on my phone. It is so easy to set up and connect, and it has a pretty good reach. For example I will have put Harrison down for the night and I may have forgotten to turn the sleep sensor on. With great ease I simply open up the app and turn it on, no getting up going upstairs and fumbling around with the possibility of waking him. I also have the option to set an alarm notification, so if he does wake and the sleep sensor activates I will get a notification to my phone.

There are a total of five different sounds that play from the heart. I've been testing them all out with the help of myHummy's fabulous tips (found here) and we've discovered that Harrison likes the wiggly line (bottom left) and heart beat ones best. I've found that the wiggly line one soothes Harrison best for nap time and the heart beat is best for bedtime. This is great because he is recognising certain sounds for certain times of sleep.
The heart is very easily transportable thanks to the soft heart shape pouch that is also included.

How did we get on?:
Amazingly! Wonderfully! My absolute favourite thing is I can now move Harrison out of his carseat straight into his bed without him waking! 
We had a pretty good routine going during the week, Harrison would usually go off for a nap straight after the school run, but he would instantly wake as soon as I would try and get him out of the car seat and pop him into his bed, meaning I would then have to sit and feed him back off to sleep. Now however I put Max on and I'm able to move him into his bed without a peep! Its wonderful because he will stay asleep most days for an hour tops. I have finally been able to get back to doing what I love which is YouTube and my blog. I also have enough time to get some house work done without needing someone else to help. I feel like superwoman.
Harrison is still 'waking' in the night, but he dream feeds. When he stirs for a feed Max will turn on, I feed him and I'm able to put him back down completely settled thanks to the soothing noise coming from Max and I'm going to be completely honest here, it helps me doze back off too.
Harrison point blank refuses a dummy and some days I really just felt he needed one, but again Max saves the day. It's great because I never really wanted him to have a dummy (don't know why, I'm not anti-dummy my first two both had one) and this is an alternative because it really does sooth him.

Our myHummy has truly been a godsend and I can't believe I'd never heard of it before Harrison, I feel like I missed out big time!
You can find the other bears from Max's family and the other family over at be sure to check out their Instgarm page to for exciting updates and offers @myhummyuk

You can also check out my unboxing video below and a chatty review is coming soon so make sure you subscribe so you don't miss it!
 Thank you so much for having us on the team, it's been the best time ever. Here's to sleep, sleep and more sleep!

take care xo


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