Saturday, 18 May 2019

My Fairy Kitchen Garden - review

Ella and Harley have been busy building and growing with the My Fairy Kitchen GardenWe were very kindly sent the My Fairy Kitchen Garden to test out and review and the kids were super excited to learn all about how to grow and harvest pea shoots.

What's in the box?
In the box you get a planter box, a decorative fence/gate, pea shoot seeds, a fairy house to build and Fern the fairy.
There is no soil included, but you can pick this up cheap from any home store type shop.
My fairy kitchen garden   My fairy kitchen garden
 Like with anything first we had a good read of the instructions to figure what we needed to do in preparation to get growing. The instructions were easy to follow and we had no trouble reading them at all.
Next Ella began to build the fence around the planter box, whilst Harley built the fairy house.
My fairy kitchen garden
Once they had each finished building, it was time to soak the pea shoot seeds in water. We only needed to use half the packet so we will be able to regrow all over again!
Whilst the pea seeds were soaking Ella and Harley took  it in turns to fill the planter box with soil.
After the kids had put enough soil in (we filled up to the bottom of the fence line) they then added some water to make the soil nice and moist, then they added the fairy and her house to the end of the garden.
My fairy kitchen garden, wirepr My fairy kitchen garden My fairy kitchen garden
You have to leave the seeds to soak for quite some time, luckily we timed it perfectly so that the kids got to plant the seeds just before bed. I then put the planter box in a dark, warm space as instructed.
Once the seeds had started shooting, I took them out from the dark and placed the garden on a windowsill.
We planted the seeds on the 22nd and this was how much they had grown by the 29th! 
Since then we have cut and harvested our pea shoots several times.
My fairy kitchen garden My fairy kitchen garden
The kids worked really well together to build, plant and harvest the fairy garden. It is a really great and easy way to teach them how to grow and care for plants.
My fairy kitchen garden, wirepr

A big thank you to WirePR for sending us the My Fairy Kitchen Garden, be sure to check out my Instagram @chelseafullbrook where you can find us putting it all together in my 'collabs' highlights.


*this item was gifted, all opinions are my own*
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