Monday, 19 September 2016

Den Building

Hey, welcome back (I really wish I could insert an emoji here -_- )
ANYWAY, I hope everyone had a great weekend.
I started mine by getting my new iPhone 7 wooooohooo, but thats for another post another day.

This blog post is about the fort/den we built on Saturday.
So it started with Matt going out for the night, and I hate, hate, HATE sleeping on my own. So, I thought why not build a little camp/fort/den (whatever you wanna call it) downstairs and me and the kids have a little sleep over thing.

I was actually very proud with the end result, we called it 'The Den of Wonder'
Fairy lights gave it the magical touch it needed, and we all enjoyed a dominos pizza whilst watching good old Toy Story before eventually going to sleep.
Here is the Daily Vlog from our den day :)

Take care xo

Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Hey, welcome back to my blog!
This is a mummy post :)

Ok, so, Ella took a tap dancing exam back in hmmmm, July I think it was, or June? I can't exactly remember (sounds bad i know!) but anyway, on Monday she received her results/certificate!! And let me tell you now, we couldn't be more proud!

Here she is receiving her certificate with her amazing dance teacher.
Ella passed with TOP marks in her class, earning her a DISTINCTION!!
84/100 my little star. 
Me and Matt are both so proud of her, she practiced quite a bit for this one and it just goes to show!
Here is our Daily Vlog from this day incase you fancy a peek :)

Take care xo

Monday, 12 September 2016

Hi, welcome to my first blog post!
I wanted to inset and emoji, but apparently I can't so :)

Don't really know what to say here, just wanted to make a quick post, lol.
Until I have something to speak about, here is my YouTube channel,
where I daily vlog :)

Take care xo