Friday, 18 November 2016

Feed Me Friday | First One!

Hello everyone, 
welcome to my first ever 'feed me Friday' 
I'm really excited to be starting up these type of blogs/vlogs up. Yup that's right there is also a YouTube video to go with this blog post :)
I've been inspired by the beautiful Anna Saccone and her 'what I ate Wednesdays' but I've put my own spin on it, just by changing it to a Friday lol. (mine are probably way less healthy compared to Annas tho!)
I'm also hoping this will help keep me in check for regular meals and less sneaky snacking!
Anyway, without further ado I give you my breakfast!
So for breakfast I had,
two large tesco free range eggs, scrambled on one slice of kingsmill 50/50 bread toasted, buttered with flora light, a tesco mocha sachet with added carte noire espresso coffee.

And I usually have breakfast after I've done the school run, I'm not a fan of rushing down a breaky.

 For lunch I had,
a tesco cinamon & rasin bagel sliced, buttered with flora light spread, a pink lady apple, satsuma, water, carte noire coffee with two sweeteners & skimmed milk and a wildlife choob raspberry yogurt (one of the kids.)

This was quite a big lunch for me, I actually ended up leaving the satsuma I felt like I was going to POP!

For a snack I have had,
some of my treat box, a coffee two sweeteners & skimmed milk and a cheeky pitch brioche roll (it was filled with chocolate)

Dinner which is made for both me and Matt was,
two chicken breasts, diced, seasoning in a bag Maggi So Juicy - Mixed Herbs, with rice Tilda - Brazilian Samba with mayo on top, yum.

This is one of our favourite dinners, its easy to make and is super tasty!
I then headed off to a new free fit club in the evening with my friend to burn some off, yeah!
...and then Matt wen out and got Ben & Jerrys, say no more.

As you can see my diet isn't great at all, but I'm not trying to be fancy or impress anyone. Guess you could say I'm giving you a 'don't always have to be healthy' point of view diet. I am usually pretty (very) strict with portion size when it comes to breakfast/lunch/dinner tho.
Here's the vlog!

I hope you enjoyed this blog/vlog, don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel for more!

Until next time, 
take care xo


Wednesday, 16 November 2016

#EatYourTreats | Treat Box!

Hey guys!
Let me tell you about this new little TREAT box I'm getting!

SO, it's like a graze box, BUT with sweets! Sweets?! I know right! How super amazing is that!
Well, probably not the best option as it's in no way healthy, but who says you can't have a treat every now and then. And as I'm a serious sweet treat abuser, I thought this would be a great way to moderate my sweet addiction. It's a no brainer if you ask me.

So, how does it work? 
Well it's a weekly or fortnightly subscription costing £3.99 inc postage (first one is FREE, yay!) you also get to pick the day you wish to have it delivered, although for my first one I did select Tuesday, but it came on the Wednesday. 
I was actually out all day Tuesday so that was quite handy, I've gone for the fortnightly subscription so we will see if it arrives on time in two weeks :)
They do give you the option to pause your subscription/delivery, say if you go on holiday or want a little break from the goodies, although who would ever want a break from sweets right!

What do you get? 
You get FOUR different selections of sweets and chocolates.
In my first box I received;
chocolate ice-creams (one of my favourites!)

classic gummy red & white hearts

sour gummy mix

and marshmallows.

So far so good, I LOVE all these sweets so this box has been a winner, yay! I'm already super excited for my next one.

They also run a cool little competition on their instagram page. If you share a picture of your treat box with the hashtag 'EatYourTreats' you could WIN a free one!! 

If you are thinking of ordering you own one (I would recommend) their website is Treats Direct.
Let me know if you do, I want to know what you get in yours!

Wish me luck on a more moderated sweet diet, haha!
Take care, don't forget to check out my DAILY VLOG where it's sure to be featured!


Monday, 7 November 2016

Visit to Farmyard Funworld!

Hey guys, as always its been a while, whoops!

Back in October half-term we visited a local farm with a soft play area, Farmyard Funworld
It's located in Bushey and it is a lovely little place for the kids, and isn't too expensive. 
I'm sure all parents will agree thats a major bonus ;)
You can buy a combined ticket for the both, or individual, so no pressure that you have to do both.

The soft play can get REALLY busy, but don't they all?
 We actually went to the soft play first so we missed the mad rush, everyone came piling in just as we left for the farm, result!
 The soft play building also has a nice cafe area, hot food, coffee, cold drinks, the lot! And it's good quality!

We the visited the farm second and it had changed quite a bit since the last time we visited. 
They seem to be extending it for all the lovely animals they look after there, which is amazing!
They had sheep, which we'd never seen before, goats, loads of different kinds birds, geese, ducks, peacocks, the CUTEST (and BIGGEST) of bunnies and pigs! (I'm sure I've probably missed someone out!)
So there was lots to see :)
Harley really quite enjoyed seeing the sheep, I'm sure he was trying to talk to them, haha!

But, all in all it was a lovely day out for everyone.
Of course there is a Daily Vlog for our day out, be sure to click the link and check it out!

Thanks for taking the time to read, 
stay well :) xo