Friday, 31 March 2017


Today I thought I'd share with you some pictures I've recently taken, as I've been quite focused on my photography, that is of course if you haven't already seen them on my photography based insta...(CLICK HERE!!)

I'm super excited for the easter holidays to finally be able to take Ella out with us and get some girly snaps! Keep your eyes peeled 😊

take care xo

Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Hello everyone,
I've been super busy putting most of my focus and time into putting myself out there with my photography!
Yup, that's right I'm FINALLY pursuing my dream 😊 woo, go me!
Now, I'm not in anyway a 'pro' or have any training, but I do what I can when I can. So please if you like what you see give it a like or a follow. OR if you'd even like me to take a few pics for you/of you, drop me a message 😊 I don't currently charge at all, because I'm building up a portfolio/confidence.

The Facebook page is;

I also have a Instagram account for my photography;
(mentioned in a previous blog)

I'd be grateful even if you just checked out my photos.
Thanks if you do, 
take care xo

Monday, 27 March 2017


Hello folks, welcome to meal plan Monday.
If you are new, this is just a little weekly blog post I like to do talking about whats been on the dinner menu for the week.
I tried to do a 'veggie' themed week, but it didn't quite go to plan what with mothers day and having friends over. Still it wasn't that unhealthy I thought!

Quorn meatballs in garlic and herd passata served with spaghetti.

Cheesey bacon pasta sauce with added hot dog, diced chorizo and grated cheese.

Quorn chicken burgers with homemade potato chips and beans on the side for Matt.

Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages with sweet and white potato mash.

Chicken in a bag, smokey peri peri flavour, with firecracker rice.

We had friends over for dinner, I cooked us all tacos with lean beef mince and firecracker rice. (can you tell we like this rice?!🙊)

Ahhh, mothers day. We all went out for a lovely meal (courtesy of Matt) at the Toby Carvey. I had gammon for my meat and as I'm not a big veggie fan, I just had mash and potatoes lol. 

take care xo

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Hey guys,
this post is just to let you all know I've set up a photography Instagram.

It's time I put myself out there, as it's something I'm VERY passionate about and would one day, hopefully, like to make it a full time job instead of just a hobby.
I used to use a Sony a290 DSLR with a 50mm or the standard lens it came with, but for christmas Matt brought me a Canon 750D DSLR which I also use with a 50mm lens or 18-55mm.
I don't use any fancy editing programs, occasionally add a little filter, but mostly just brighten up my photos and remove little back drop marks just to tidy it up. 
I do have my own backdrop and lights for at home use.

Here's my link, please feel free to check out my photos or even follow my account.

📷 MadeByChelseaPhotography ðŸ“¸

Thanks for taking the time,
take care xo

Monday, 20 March 2017


Welcome back to another 'Meal Plan Monday' week 3 and going strong...well with the blog anyway! 
Your see what I mean below 🙈

We had pork and bramley apple sausages with mixed potato mash (baking potato & sweet) Matt also had sweetcorn, I'm not a big fan of the veg!

TUESDAY - where it started, we had take away, chip shop style! I had a battered sausage with a huge portion of chips smothered in onion vinegar, YUM! And Matt had a pie, also with a huge pile of chippys.

I actually cooked, after a take away I was happy even tho it was pretty basic and easy. It was a homepride cheesey bacon pasta sauce to with I added pasta (ovbz,) chorizo, hotdog and grated cheese.

We had good old omelette and homemade chips. I had diced chorizo in my omelette and Matt had hotdog and cheese.

Take away strikes again! We had a bit of a beast feat here, CHINESE.
For my main I had crispy shredded beef in sweet chilli sauce with chips. Matt had chicken chow main and we shared some chicken balls and prawn crackers. Needles to say we were ready to pop!
(writing this now make me want Chinese so bad)

Sort of a take away, our usual Tesco counter pizza with garlic ciabatta bread on the side.

We dined out at a friends, we brought up all the tasty ingredients for chicken wraps. It was tasty and lots of good fun.

As you can see, we fell of the wagon a bit this week, but now we are in super saver mode,
(all will be explain in another blog soon, keep an eye out!)
so meal planning is about to get locked down.

Any super saving meals out there let me know!
Here's the vlog from dinner with friends, not that you even see what we chowed down on hehe.

take care xo

Monday, 13 March 2017


Welcome back meal Monday-ers, here's how we got on last week 😊

First on the menu was sweet chilli salmon with wholegrain rice.

Lasagne, made with Dolmio smooth sauce and lean beef mince.

This was Matts birthday so we had fancy takeout from somewhere new! The restaurant was called Delisserie, for starters we had popcorn chicken and houmous which also included pitta. For our main courses, I had a grilled chicken burger with garlic mayo and sweet potato fries. Matt had a massive combo of ribs, wings, peri sausages and pulled pork, with onion rings and house fries on the side.

Was an omelette day. The filling this week was diced chorizo and cheese (I call this the pizza omelette) and we had homemade sweet potato chips with it.

We had burgers and homemade chips. I had a Linda McCartney mozzarella burger and Matt had a birdseye beef burger.

Ummmm, as we was going out I didn't really fancy cooking straight after work, having ti get ready an all that. SO, we may have had McDonalds! We both had media fries and shared a 20 box of nuggets. 

We had Tesco counter pizza topped with bacon, pepperoni and spicy minced beef and also some tear dough balls.

Again, not too bad cooked 6/7 the pizza needed to be cooked so that counts 😜
Who know maybe this week we might get 7/7 and no take aways! Although I came VERY close to suggesting Chinese for dinner tonight 😂

Check out Matts birthday vlog here...

take care xo 

Wednesday, 8 March 2017


A big,
happy 25th birthday to my other half that makes me whole,
Matt ❤️

Today he joins me in the 25 club, that's right we are now both halfway to 50 😱 so I thought I'd honour this blog post to him celebrating his birthday.

This is from his 18th when his parents filled the back of his car with purple balloons, that was his favourite colour at the time.

This gem is from his 19th! Look at that baby face 👶🏼

This is where the cake baking began in 2014

The cake from 2015

& 2016 😋

Then this is the one for 2017 as you can tell he LOVES a chocolate cake, but lets be honest who doesn't! 

We have also captured two of his birthdays on vlog, 

This was his 23rd,

and this was his 24th.
It feels so amazingly magical to look back at days like these.
happy birthday to my best friend in the whole wide world, you are an amazing partner and father we are so very lucky ❤️

If it's your birthday today too, happy birthday 🎈

until next time, take care xo

Monday, 6 March 2017


Im excited to be starting my 'meal plan Monday' blog posts as of today, woohoo!
In these posts you will find out what we (me and Matt) have been eating for dinner each night through out the week, if it's not your thing, sorry and plz stop reading now 🙃
...HOWEVER, if it is, please read on!

We had caramelised onion sausages with sweet potato mash and Matt had beans on the side. (YUK, not my thing)

It was a 'chicken in a bag' kinda night which was paprika flavour with firecracker rice. (one of our favourite dinners 😋)

For our midweek dinner we had turkey ham omelettes with homemade sweet potato chips.

Turkey mince lasagne, made with Dolmio sauces. I HATE bits 😷 always the smooth sauces.

....the meal plan got pushed out and instead McDonalds filled our bellies. I had medium fries with a chicken legend. I have no idea what Matt actually had as we had a little tiff. 💔

Again, the meal plan *poof* we was going to have a tesco counter pizza, BUT they were all gone and none pre-made. 😢 So we ended up with a Papa Johns XXL all the meats, and dough balls on the side.

I cooked yay! We had pasta in tomato soup (I bake it in the oven) with hot dog and chicken thrown in, then grated cheese on top.

Although we had did have two take aways I did cook 5/7 days, go me!
Let me know what your favourite dinner/dinners are, would love to try something new.
(just no bits plz)
I will be posting this weeks meals up next Monday, going to make it a weekly thang.
Don't forget to check out our youtube channel where we daily vlog 😊

take care xo


Thursday, 2 March 2017


So going by the title of this blog you should've already guessed what this post is about.. yup, that's right a sims series!
I absolutely love, love, LOVE this sims and I'd really like to get back into playing. So thought I'd share my love of sim gaming with you 😊
It started back with the first ever sims (when we first got a computer!) I used to watch my brother play. I wasn't actually aloud to play because
1) I was quite young (pretty sure I was 7 or 8)
and 2) I didn't have a clue what I was doing!
I remember begging my brother to teach me and occasionally he would let me play on his families, but never ever saved them after 🙄 so I used to sneak on and basically ruin all his doing 😏
Eventually I was aloud and got the hang of it. I could be glued to the small screen for hours on end and I'd have pretty much every expansion pack installed too. 
I was a sims addict!

ANYWAY, perhaps we can revisit my sims history another time 😉
This post is to introduce you to my sims 4 gameplay which I will be sharing on my Youtube channel, yay 😊
I currently have no sort of upload plan, because having two kids it is hard finding time to actually play the game, edit upload etc.
But here it is...

Let me know what you think/what you'd like to see happen with this family, and if you play any sims also.

take care xo