Monday, 24 April 2017

Meal Plan Mondays 🍽 | Week 7 🍔

Welcome back after a week off meal Mondays, reason? Well it was easter/bank holiday weekend so all got a bit pushed to the side, blogging and eating 🙈 obviously lots of room for BBQ and chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate 😋 
But anyway we are back with last weeks dinners, so here's what we had.

A long awaited curry take away, mmmm one of my favourites and so very worth it!

We actually had dinner cooked for us by Matts mum. As she has her new place all set up and recently got her new dining table she cooked us a super lovely turkey roast. It was sooooo tasty! Thanks Sue 😊

I cooked us good old Linda McCartney veggie sausages with cheesy mash.

We tried out quorn chicken in wraps, seasoned with ghost chilli and added wholegrain rice. The chicken was actually really nice, the texture was my main concern, but it was nice a real chicken!

We had a naught XXL Papa Johns pizza, all the meats of course with pizza garlic sticks 🙈

Date night! We headed up the Mop & Brooms for din dins, but sadly my burger was dry..AF💔 BUT my sweet potato chips were yum.

Still longing for that tasty burger, I cooked Linda McCartney (again) mozzarella burgers with homemade potato/sweet potato fries. It satisfied my burger hunger.

I'm planning on being really sort of meat free with week with only veggie options or fish, fingers crossed I can stick to it!
How has your week been? Did you get lots of choc for easter?
Let me know 😊

Don't forget to check out the vlog.
 take care xo


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