Thursday, 18 May 2017

2017 Calendar March | Throwback Thursday

So for todays throwback, I thought I'd share with you all the photos I took of Ella for the month of March on the family calendar. These were taken back in November 2016.
Some of these, in fact most, are unedited. I'm pretty slow when it comes to editing, but I also don't do a major amount. I'm all about keeping it as close to the original and making it a bit brighter and more colourful if need be.

You may be able to tell the difference between the bottom two, and that is about as far as I go with editing. 
(and it just so happens the bottom one was the one I went for for March)

happy throwback!

Monday, 15 May 2017

Meal Plan Mondays 🍽 | Week 10 🐎

Welcome, take a seat and see what we eat 😉
I am one VERY busy bee at the mo, juggling vlogging, blogging, family life and work! So please, if I seem a bit short a sweet it's because I want to get this up for you, but I'm so soooooo busy right now 😴 But of course I'm not going to let my meal plan squad down 💪🏼

Omelette, cheese and chorizo for the fillings. I call this the 'pizza omelette'

A nice easy one of sweet chilli salmon with some of our face firecracker rice.

Some tasty Linda McCartney mozzarella burgers with homemade sweet potato chips.

Nothing compared to last weeks meal, but just as tasty was some good old chicken in a bag, sticky BBQ flavour, served up with some wholegrain rice.

Naughty pizza party, but slightly more behaved that usual was a Papa Johns large (normally XXL) all the meats pizza, with garlic sticks on the side.

I had a tasty little Nandos, I had been out at ASCOT all day, so 1. there was no way to cook, 2. I was no way cooking anyway haha. I did go for something different this time however. I had chicken in pitta, med, with peri peri chips.

After the weekend we had, there was, again, no way I'd be cooking. So we order in some Chinese food, and this time it was the right chicken 😉 ....Matt ordered me the wrong one last time 👎🏼

How was your week? I also quit the gym LOL. So I've been super laid back with food and not working any of it off, whoops, but I feel ok about that.

take care xo

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Day at ASCOT! 🐎

Hello guys how are we all?
Hope you've all enjoyed your weekend, I know I have 😉
Incase you wasn't already aware this weekend I attended ASCOT races on Saturday 13th and omg it was SO fun! I really, really enjoyed my day.
I'd never ever been to anything like this before, so I had no idea what to expect, but I really enjoyed myself. It was my first time betting and of course I didn't have a clue what I was doing, but I was only putting on £1-£2 at a time so I felt quite sensible, even tho I did have quite a bit to drink. 
I did notice how some people could REALLY get into the whole betting scene, but luckily it wasn't for me so I was able to stay within my means. It was the whole atmosphere that had me sold, and luckily we had some sunshine and warm weather.
Although I didn't log much, it will always be a day to remember. Here are some snaps and a vlog 😘

What did you get up to? Have you ever been ASCOT?

take care xo

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Cute Throwback Thursday!👫

Here's a fun little fact about me and Matt, we have actually known each other since we were in Nursery! (age 3/4) We also both attended the same primary school and secondary, but we never actually spoke throughout the whole of secondary school. He was one of the 'cool kids' and I joined late (after moving away to Northampton for three years from Yr5-Yr7) and became a bit of a 'misfit' and very rarely showed up🙈 
But back to primary school, are you ready for this super cuteness overload?!

1996 age 4

1997 age 5

1998 age 6

1999 age 7
(the year I made it to the top & Matt didn't hehe)

2000 age 8

2001 age 9
The last year of primary together before I moved away...and then came back 😂

The kids sometimes think it's pictures of them 😉 hehe

take care xo

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

April'17 favourites

So after skipping February and March favourites I'm back with my April ones! I do find it quite hard to keep track of favourites, mostly because I don't really try anything new or I'm just using the same thing as the month before.
This month however I did try a couple of new things, yay, and they managed to make it into the list.

1. Blueberries!

2. Quorn chicken

3. The gym 💪🏼

4. Womens Best BCAA Amino

5. Cocoa pure black tooth powder

6. Me before you book

7. 13 Reasons Why!!!!!!

8. Bare Minerals completion kit


Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Meal Plan Mondays 🍽 | Week 9 💆🏻

Hey everyone, welcome back, yes I know it's Tuesday 🙈 sorry about that! I honestly remembered to blog...then...forgot. So welcome to another 'Meal Plan Monday' with a Tuesday twist! Hehe 😊

Matt cooked a delish dish of pasta, with southern fried chicken pieces and hot dog in a Dolmio tomato and chilli sauce.

My favourite Linda McCartney veggie sausages with a mix of potato and sweet potato mash.

I was feeling a bit ill and just could not be bothered to cook, so we had chip shop take away which was perfect as chips are my goto food when I feel ill. Needless to say all I had was a plate of chips lol.

Now I was feeling really quite proud of the little meal I produced. I thought it looked super healthy, well for that it was.
My 'healthy' enchiladas! Made with quorn chicken, tomato passata/seasoning and wholegrain rice wrapped up in weight watchers wholegrain and quinoa wraps. It was actually really tasty...not to big myself up on anything 😉

My friend was over from 6:30pm doing my hair...she finished at 10pm! SO we had good old Nandos take away, so worth it!

Feeling lazy again, so we got in a Tesco take away pizza with all the usual topping, bacon, spicy beef and pepperoni. And of course some garlic bread on the side.

I got off my butt and made the effort to cook us up some tasty cod fish cakes with sweet potato mash.

Time to crack down on portion control again now I've gotten bored of the gym, I mean there is no point in forcing myself to go or I just won't enjoy ☹️ so best watch what I eat!

Hope you've all had an amazing week!
take care xo


Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Chocolate Challenge 🍫

Hey everyone, the other day Ella came across mine and Matts 'Chocolate Challenge' video and decided she wanted to do one with her brother. Who are we to say no!
So of course we got the chocs in and set up ready for a kids chocolate challenge. We hope you enjoy, some of their responses are hilarious 😂

And just for good measure here is the adults ones!

take care xo

Monday, 1 May 2017

Meal Plan Mondays 🍽 | Week 8 🍚

So this week started off so well, I was so proud go how well we was doing...allllll until the weekend hit 🙈
I'm gonna keep it short and sweet this week as it's bank holiday and I'm feeling super lazy and tired, sorry folks.

Sweet chilli salmon with none other than firecracker rice, because rice is niiiiice.

Good old cheese and chorizo omelette, on it own.

Quorn swedish meatballs in tomato and basil passata with spaghetti.

Southern fried quorn chicken burgers served with homemade potato/sweet potato chips.

Tesco stone baked chicken and bacon pizza with good old garlic bread and mozzarella sticks.

A nice greasy tasty Chinese take away, which Matt actually got my order wrong.
(a sign we shouldn't of had it clearly)

Another take away, this time curry, but so so so ALWAYS worth it 😋

So my meat free week plan started off well, but like always, ended with a take away 😂
Matt is actually cooking dinner tonight, right now intact as I'm blogging!
I hope you enjoyed your bank holiday weekend and I will see my meal plan Monday'ers next week 😊
Oh and here's a daily vlog thrown in!

take care xo