Saturday, 3 June 2017

What happened?!

So, it's been a while since I blogged (sorry about that) BUT everything these last two week was just super duper hectic mania!
Incase you didn't already know, we have been in...

It was the best 5 days of my life. Words cannot even begin to describe just how magical that place really is.
We flew over on the 29th May in the early hours of the morning giving us pretty much the whole first day there. As I was still in training for my new job the week before we went away, which was Mon-Fri, I had to squeeze in any packing time when and where I could. Hence the busy week before and the lack of blogs.
But I'm back and ready to hit you with some of that Disney magic!

First and foremost we have had this holiday booked since October 2016 and the kids did not know a thing!

Let me tell you now never ever get a cab from the airport to the hotel, save yourself the pain of 90 euros! Anyway, our lovely, expensive, cab man took us to our hotel, which was the Disney Sequoia Lodge. Unfortunately we couldn't get into our hotel room until 3pm, but we had our park tickets so ditched our luggage (in a safe secure room of course) and headed off the the parks.
The first park we visited was the Walt Disney Studios one, where we rid the Slinky dog, Crushes coaster (the kids were TERRIFIED of this) and the flying carpets. 
Then we found Princess Belle, but the queue was an hour and 45 mins long 😵 the lady advised us to come back the next day, so that gave us a plan of action for day two. But before we left to check into the hotel we bumped into Pluto!

After a quick power nap we all headed to the main park where we had a wander round, went on a few rides then ended up in front of the castle just in time for the lights show, which OMG made my hairs stand on end. It was beautiful and spectacular! 😍

The daily vlogs from Disney will be up daily from today at 6pm GMT, then normal vlogging will resume. So be sure to subscribe to my channel 😊


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