Thursday, 29 March 2018

Gender test, boy or girl?

This is something I've been super excited to post/film for quite a while now and if you haven't guessed it, it is all to do with the 'old wives tale' tests and tricks.

Seeing as we aren't finding out the gender of baby no3 I thought this would be a really fun thing to put together and see what the results come out at.
I chose eight different methods of 'finding' out the gender of baby and I'm going to share my results with you.๐Ÿ˜Š

I would like to point out that I know full well these tests are in no way at all accurate, it is all just a bit of fun and it will be interesting to see how close the results did come to guessing baby's  gender on the day baby arrives!

If your not up for the read, skip ahead to the video just below.๐Ÿ˜‰

And if your still with me lets get going!

The first test I started with was the Chinese conception calendar. this test is based on my age at the time conception and the month of conception. Now there are a few different ones so I just picked the second picture in Google images (the first one I didn't understand.) My result for this was...
The next test was the baking soda test, this involves pouring some pee (nice) onto baking soda and the theory I read was that if the baking soda fizzes up it means boy, and if it did nothing, girl. My result for this was...
The third test was the wedding ring test, this test involves threading a wedding/promise ring through a piece of thread and hanging it over your bump. The theory is that if the ring sways side  to side baby is a boy and if the ring sways around in a circle, baby is a girl. I'm not sure who came up with that crazy idea, but I still did it and my result for this one was...
The next test (which isn't really a test, more of a tale) is all to do with body hair and how fast/thick it grows or how slow/fine it grows. The theory behind this one is that if your hair grows thick and fast baby is a boy, and if it grows fine and slow baby is girl. Now I'm loving my result for this one either way and if you haven't guessed what that means my result was...
Another tale for you, this one is all to do with bump height. They say if your bump is sitting high baby is a girl and if bump is sitting lower, baby is a boy. When I was filming this I thought my bump looked low, but watching it back I now think it looks a little high. I will go with my original result however which was...
The next one was a little funny and that was the breast test. Now if you watched the video you will see that I had a good feel ๐Ÿ˜‚ this was quite hard to determine as they both felt pretty similar, not only that they have both grown A LOT since becoming pregnant. The theory behind this one is that a larger right breast means girl and a larger left breast, means boy. My result was...
The next test/tale is all to do with your baby's ultrasound picture. I read that if baby has a sloping forehead and a square jaw line, baby is a boy and for a girl it is if baby's head appears rounder. For me I defiantly felt baby's head looked very round, that can only mean that for me the result was...
We are now at the last one all to do with how often/much baby moves in the belly. The theory is that if baby moves about very often it means boy and that is baby is calm and chilled out, it means girl. Now I've read that the more babies you have the earlier you are more likely to feel a little kick or the 'butterflies'...I did not for a quite some time and this did slightly worry me a little, but now I 100% feel baby give a kick here and there. I can tell you that it is not very often, meaning that for me the result was...

So after all those little tests I had a total of two for boy and 6 for girl. So according to all that we should be expecting a little girl, but I won't hold my breath as there is still a 50% chance baby could be a boy.

Have you tried out any of these tests/tales? Did you find different results or the same tests with the opposite answer? Let me know!

take care xo


Saturday, 24 March 2018

Baby names we love, but WONT be using๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿผ

Hello everyone, today we are going to talk something we struggled HARD with and that is baby names.

If you didn't already know we are pregnant with our 3rd child due in July, and this time round we have decided NOT to find out the gender which ultimately made it much harder to have a name ready as we had to pick one boys, and one girls.
I know some people don't feel the need to have a name ready for when baby pops out, but for me baby needs to have that name ready and waiting for them.

I am happy to say that we do have names picked out and it was not an easy task at all, especially for the boy name as the choice is so limited I personally felt.

I'm sure you will notice just how hard it was for us when you see just how small the names list is for each gender, most people I watched had 5 or 10 of each! Wow.

We will start with the boys..

- Elijah
- Dexter
- Harry
(and including the one we picked makes 4)

Two of the boy names, even tho I love them, family members have them so that is a big no go for me.

And for the girls..

- Polly
- Erika
- Harper
- Penny
(and including the one we picked makes 5)

I found a lot of girl names that were different and I absolutely loved, but some were just too out there for Matt.

Let me know what your favourite baby names are, if you have them picked ready for the day you have a baby or ready for your baby to arrive!
Don't worry I promise I won't steal it, unless it happens to be one of the ones we already have, then I can't promise ๐Ÿ˜‰

take care xo

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Morning routine ☀️

Hello hello and welcome to this post all about my/our typical morning weekly routine!
In this post I'm going to give you the run down on pretty much how we get ready each morning during the week for work and school.
The video I have included is our typical Thursday/day off work routine, as I do work every other Thursday at the moment.
6:45am is when my first alarm is set to go off, recently I've been waking up before this which is great, but sometimes I do give it a cheeky snooze and the next one goes off at 7:00am.
Most mornings either one or both children are already up (mostly Ella as she likes to wave daddy off at 6:30am)
I then make us all breakfast which we normal finish between 7:15am-7:25am. Some days the kids are fast to eat, some days not so much.
Next one child will get dressed while the other brushes their teeth and if they have finished one before the other (they use an app that can only be one at a time) they will then make their bed.
Whilst this is going on I'm brushing my own teeth and also getting the bed ready to be made in between my face washes/toner/moisturiser. 
This usually take us to about 7:30am-7:40am and I'm now finishing off my bed ready to put my makeup on. After that I get myself dressed either in my work clothes or my own.
Next I do both kids hair as Ella being a girl needs to have her hair up for school, and Harley having such thick hair usually gets bed head so a quick spritz flattens that down.
It's now about 8:15am and I need to get all our lunches in our bags, which I do make the night before, and juices/water made up.
It's now 8:25 and time to leave for work, sadly unless it's a Thursday I do not get to do the school run so my mum comes and it's off to work I go!
But, if it is a Thursday we have a little bit of time to sit around before its time to leave at 8:40am.

And that is pretty much how each week day morning goes for me and the kids.
Do you have a morning routine? Or do you just wing it?
Let me know and if there is anything you would do differently to maximise time as I love being on time and not rushing about like a headless chicken. 

Be sure to check out the video and subscribe if you would like to see more of our videos ๐Ÿ˜Š

take care xo


Monday, 19 March 2018

Meal Plan Monday IS BACK!๐Ÿด

Now I know I said previously I wasn't looking to bring back 'Meal Plan Monday' posts just yet, but I just found myself noting down dinners each day this week.
So here we have a return of Meal Plan Monday with a little extra added details of the meals we ate this past week,
bon appรฉtit!

The week started with good old sausage and mash.
I used x8 pork sausages
(x4 each)
and for the mash I used x2 sweet potatoes, x3 white potatoes and add in some butter and cheese ๐Ÿง€
Matt had half a tin of beans and I had gravy.

Is a nice easy go to for us, tomato and chilli pasta. I did mix it up a little with a new pasta this time however.
I used 120g of whole wheat penne pasta,
x2 southern fried chicken grills (chopped up)
half a jar of Tesco tomato and chilli sauce and some grated cheese on top.

Wrap Wednesday! As you can probably tell we had wraps.
We used the Tesco mediterranean herb wraps with x3 medium sized chicken breasts cut into strips, then placed in a Colmans cajun flavour season and shake bag and pilau rice to go with. 

Was turkey steak day, just like the kids turkey dinosaurs, but more of an adult version๐Ÿ˜‰
With those we also had homemade chips made out of x3 odd sized sweet potatoes and x2 medium white potatoes.

Now I felt I was doing really well and ever had a meal planned for this day...but Matt wanted take out pizza and then Ella overheard and also wanted take out pizza, so we got Papa Johns.
I shared a large margarita with Ella and had myself some BBQ chicken wings.

We had what I planned the day before which was spaghetti bolognese.
For this I used 250g beef mince and 120g of spaghetti pasta.
Easy peasy.

I always feel a nice hearty meal is needed on a Sunday. We had a small pie each, mine was chicken and gravy, Matts was chicken and mushroom. And to go with we had roast potatoes made up of x6 small white potatoes cut into 8, and of course gravy to go on top.

Whilst Meal Plan Monday is back, it's not going to be every week at the mo, just so I can get back into the swing of it and enjoy it once again!
I hope you enjoyed the meal plan and keep your eyes peeled for another soon.

take care xo

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Down in the dumps ☹️

So where to start this post...
Basically I just wanted to pop on and clear up a few things as I feel they need a little explanation.
DW it's nothing bad, just my way of saying,
'hey ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ I'm still here, I'm not going anywhere'

If you follow me/us on YouTube you will have noticed I haven't posted a vlog/video in a couple of days and also that I've not been very consistent with my videos...
sorry about that ๐Ÿ˜ฃ
I feel like the last couple of days my emotions have been all over the place (probably the pregnancy hormones) and that it was affecting my feelings about vlogging.
I've just been feeling like more recently I have no time to spend doing the things I love and that life is BASIC as hell! 
It feels like get up, work, eat, clean, sleep, repeat...and I felt like that was reflected in the vlogs YAWN!
But anyway, I will be picking the camera back up tomorrow and just taking each day as it comes. 
I LOVE vlogging and finding the time to blog too and there are so many super exciting things coming up in my/our lives this year, so like hell am I going to let those pass by.

I hope you all understand and I'm sorry there hasn't been any vlogs recently.
Please don't hate me and thanks for understanding ๐Ÿ˜˜

If your in need of a video why not check out this one from 3 years ago!!!

take care xo