Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Morning routine ☀️

Hello hello and welcome to this post all about my/our typical morning weekly routine!
In this post I'm going to give you the run down on pretty much how we get ready each morning during the week for work and school.
The video I have included is our typical Thursday/day off work routine, as I do work every other Thursday at the moment.
6:45am is when my first alarm is set to go off, recently I've been waking up before this which is great, but sometimes I do give it a cheeky snooze and the next one goes off at 7:00am.
Most mornings either one or both children are already up (mostly Ella as she likes to wave daddy off at 6:30am)
I then make us all breakfast which we normal finish between 7:15am-7:25am. Some days the kids are fast to eat, some days not so much.
Next one child will get dressed while the other brushes their teeth and if they have finished one before the other (they use an app that can only be one at a time) they will then make their bed.
Whilst this is going on I'm brushing my own teeth and also getting the bed ready to be made in between my face washes/toner/moisturiser. 
This usually take us to about 7:30am-7:40am and I'm now finishing off my bed ready to put my makeup on. After that I get myself dressed either in my work clothes or my own.
Next I do both kids hair as Ella being a girl needs to have her hair up for school, and Harley having such thick hair usually gets bed head so a quick spritz flattens that down.
It's now about 8:15am and I need to get all our lunches in our bags, which I do make the night before, and juices/water made up.
It's now 8:25 and time to leave for work, sadly unless it's a Thursday I do not get to do the school run so my mum comes and it's off to work I go!
But, if it is a Thursday we have a little bit of time to sit around before its time to leave at 8:40am.

And that is pretty much how each week day morning goes for me and the kids.
Do you have a morning routine? Or do you just wing it?
Let me know and if there is anything you would do differently to maximise time as I love being on time and not rushing about like a headless chicken. 

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take care xo


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