Wednesday, 30 May 2018

baby update | 30 weeks pregnant

Hi there, so I had this blog previously written out before all the chaos of moving to our new house crept up on us! If you have been watching us on youtube or following us elsewhere you will know I'm not 30 weeks anymore, but almost at 35 weeks.
Nonetheless, seeing as I haven't blogged for a while and this was already typed up I thought I might as well post. So I hope you enjoy 😊 

Hello everyone today I'm going to be blogging a pregnancy update. Not going to lie I've failed a bit with these, never having done them with previous pregnancies, but nonetheless here is one for my 30 week update 😊

So, we am in the third trimester and I can defiantly say it is that point where pregnancy is becoming 'boring' and you are just ready to have that little baby out and in your arms, but we all know a baby will come when a bay is ready.

Since my last update on here (20 weeks 🙈) we have been for a few more ultrasound scans, one being our first ever experience at a 3D/4D one and another first experience (although not as exciting) we did get referred to UCLH in London. 
BUT, all is well with baby no3.

Basically at the 20 week/21 weeks scan the sonographer couldn't get the full four chambers of baby's heart and full front of baby's face, so we had to go back 4 weeks later.
At this scan the sonographer picked up something known as 'echogenic bowel and lungs' and we was referred to UCLH where they have better equipment for scanning for the following week.
As already said there was nothing wrong with baby, I did some googling and the most common thing for this was that the machines are so high tech now they pick up the smallest white mark, and the other more common thing was it could have been an internal bleed and that baby had swallowed some blood, basically there was never a reason given to us, but we were reassured that everything was ok.

Our most recent scan was the 3D/4D one which was my birthday gift from Matt, but for me it was more about being able to bring the kids along and having them feel involved. It was also our first experience with this type of scan as we never had it with previous pregnancies.
Here are some of my favourite pictures from this scan.

Baby smiles!

Eyes open.


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