Friday, 28 September 2018

My breastfeeding journey so far...

Breastfeeding, the most beautiful natural thing a mother can do/provide for her child. It's such a blessing that I am able to do this and I only wish I had started this wonderful journey sooner with my first two children who were both formula fed (before anyone starts hating on me for being 'anti-formula')

Here I am today 12 glorious weeks in and now with a baby who is exclusively breastfed, yay! But we did not get off to an easy start. 
Just two weeks in both myself and Harrison caught a yeast infection. I only knew this because my boobs began to feel itchy and really quite sore when Harrison was feeding. It got so sore I felt I could not feed him towards the end of the day and that we had no other choice but to offer him a bottle. That was something I really just did not want to do.
I'd been so determined that I would be breastfeeding this baby, that offering him formula made me feel like a complete failure and the guilt all came rushing in after that first formula feed. I knew deep down that feeding him no matter what was the right thing, but I just couldn't shake the feeling that I'd failed.
After a bit of googling I read up on yeast infections and noticed some more signs/symptoms. Luckily the health visitor was due back for a check up so I asked her what she thought, and after looking at Harrison's mouth she agreed we had a yeast infection and was to go straight to the doctors to get medicine to help clear it up.
Because it was painful when he fed I tried my hardest to express milk for his bottles, but as soon as I had expressed it he was drinking it, so it never really mounted up.
It was around about then that the bedtime bottle was introduced and stuck around for a good few weeks because Harrison had become used to it. 
For anyone who has been in the same boat as me I'm happy to say the guilt slowly faded and I came to terms with combination feeding. I knew that he actually needed that bedtime bottle because it made him happy.
I had lots of people who have breastfed their babies telling me to just 'keep going' 'it will get easier' and I did try several times to cut out that bottle, but he just was not happy so we stuck with it.
Fast forward to just five days ago we were doing our usual routine of getting him ready for bed, bottle made ready for him to go down, for him only to refuse it! He was hungry though because he was throwing himself about and moaning away, but he would just not take that bottle. I was shocked. I wasn't sure if boob would be enough for him as it hadn't been in the past, but I couldn't just leave him. I offered him breast and low and behold he fell asleep, satisfied. I felt proud, but I thought it was a fluke, a one off.
The next day came, bedtime rolled around and I had that bottle ready for him, for him to again refuse it! I offered him breast and he once again fell asleep satisfied. So the next evening I didn't have that bottle ready, I just offered him breast and again satisfied.
Here we are now, exclusively breastfed and I just can't quite believe it, I thought he was sure to get hooked on the bottle and end up refusing the boob, but no, he has quite surprised me.
I hope this can give other women out there, who may have felt the same as me, that there is hope. Your baby will be ready when your baby is ready.  Don't listen too much to those mums who tell you to keep going if it is too painful for you or your baby is not happy/satisfied, you need to do what is best not only for your baby, but for yourself also. Don't forget that. If you want to talk, email me or direct message me on instagram @bebe_andme

take care xo

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Two Months of Harrison | Baby Update

Ok so I realise that it is pretty much over halfway through September now and I haven't quite stuck to my posting 'schedule' as I would have liked.
Before we know it, it will be time for me to do Harrison's 3 month update!
But it's better to be late than never surely?!
Whoever thought I'd have the time to manage 3 kids, a house and all my social media in one go, HA!
Who are these women and PLEASE tell me all your secrets!
So let's just step back for a second and appreciate that 2 month mark because there was quite a bit going on.

I may have mentioned it in my last update, but it is still going on and that is the cluster feeding. It's only in the evening and I'm convinced my boobs are running on empty which is why he is just not satisfied. He is still having a bedtime formula feed of 6oz.
Harrison got a slight bit of baby acne, but it cleared up within a matter of days which was great because lets be honest, it doesn't look very nice and there is nothing you can really do about it.
The baby smiles have been rolling in from all angles and I am LOVING it! There is nothing better than seeing your baby smile for the first time, its just such a wonderful little gift.

(first smile)

During the second month we had our 6 week check, I say we, but I didn't really have much 'checked over.' I just got offered to go back on my good old contraception. Everything was fine with Harrison, he is gaining weight nicely which is very reassuring to hear, especially when your breastfeeding because you can never tell just how much baby is taking in. Well I sort of can because he is most defiantly filing out, our little chunk! I did do my little weigh trick thing and it came out that he is roughly 12lbs 4oz. That's 4lbs onto of his birth weight.
He has started making 'cooing' conversation. It is just the sweetest and if you do it back and give him time he will actually respond. It's like we are having a little conversation between ourselves and I love it!! Matt thought I was crazy when I told him we were having a conversation.
I'm sad to say it, but he is growing out of his 0-3 clothing. I'm just not ready for that, he's my baby baby and quite possibly my last. So I'm literally soaking up every second with him, because before I know it he will be off out the door leading his own life, waa.

Harrison has also had his first little holiday down the caravan.
(check my previous blog to see where we stayed)
The first couple of nights he was a little off, waking once or twice more than usual, but we were in a different environment and he could obviously sense that. Apart from that he was very well behaved and it was a nice little break for us all. Although I did forget the amount of stuff you have to take for a baby! Jeez! 
Incase you haven't seen it we did film a 2 month update vlog which I have included at the end of this blog.

take care xo


Saturday, 8 September 2018

Staying in a Biarritz caravan

For our family holiday this year we did a UK holiday, it was a sort of last minute holiday, well it was booked a week or two in advance, I class it as last minute one because we wasn't planning on any sort of holiday for 2018.
Looking back at last year 2017 we were SUPER lucky as we did camping for easter, we did Disneyland Paris for May half term and then we went to Turkey in August. We also had a little weekend at the caravan for our anniversary in July.
Seeing as we were in the process of buying a house and having a baby, due in July, a holiday abroad just didn't seem realistic for 2018.

We stayed at Hurley Riverside Park where we are lucky enough to have family there who own a caravan, but we decided to book one this year as there was one more of us to squeeze in. We stayed there for one week Friday to Friday over the bank holiday weekend in August. We've always stayed in Matt's dads caravan so this was kind of a new experience for us staying in one of the rentals. I'm happy to say it did not disappoint and I've already said to Matt when we get our own plot, which someday we do hope for, but that's for another time, I'd want a van like the one we stayed in.
The make was Biarritz I've no clue about the model, sorry, but I can tell you it was a two bed with a pull out sofa bed, ensuite toilet in the master bedroom, main bathroom with a lovely shower and toilet ovbs. A super cosy front room with a little electric fire with light up flickering flames and glittery logs, two doors that opened out onto a little patio balcony area and a nice little kitchen, with a cute little dinning table and four chairs. Oh and central heating!!
I managed to get some pictures before we unloaded all our clobber, I'd forgotten just how much you need with a new baby so it was a good thing we didn't all try to cram ourselves into Matt's dads van.

The living room.


Master bedroom.

Second bedroom.


Main bathroom.

We also filmed a little caravan tour which is up on my channel Chelvlogs and I've included the video at the end of this post.
This caravan park is such a lovely place to stay it's not like your typical kids club 'type' site, it's more of a spending quality time together 'type' one I personally feel. Lots of big green fields, some farm animals, river walks and nature trails or for the rainy days playing board/card games, or cosied up on the sofa watch a film together.
If you've stayed here before let me know, did you love it? Or let me know if your thinking of going here! 
Be sure to check out the tour video for a more detailed look.

take care xo


Monday, 3 September 2018

Hello September 🍂

I can't believe that it is already September! I swear the older you get the quicker the years fly by. I remember when I was little just getting to December felt like a lifetime, but back then I had barely any responsibilities and no children.
Now that September is upon us I feel I can (try) and get back into the swing of things, as once the older two are back at school I will have a bit of free time to get back to blogging and making videos, I should probably get some cleaning done too!
My blog is currently a work in progress as I'm slowly, but surely, redesigning it. So you may see it change here and there. I've also decided to change the type of content I film for my Youtube channel and I've changed the channel to 'CHELVLOGS'
If you follow me on Youtube you will have noticed I've not uploaded a daily vlog in a few weeks. I've always been the main vlogger and sole editor for the daily vlogs, but since having my third child I've found it hard to keep up with the filming and editing, which is why I feel going in a different direction would be better for me and my channel.
I love speed cleaning videos, all baby updates/hauls/tips and trick videos and foodie ones like what I ate Wednesdays. I plan to film more videos like this to keep your eyes peeled! Don't worry on special days out I will still daily vlog, so they aren't gone forever.
Please do drop me a comment and let me know what you'd like to see more of from blogs or videos from me.

take care xo