Friday, 5 October 2018

My 'Hinch Haul'

Before I start the post I just want to say I am in no way bad mouthing or blaming Mrs Hinch for my Hinch haul, I absolutely LOVE her. I think she's amazing and it is great how she is helping so many people find their love of cleaning just by making it FUN. Because lets be honest, it really is not all glitz and glam!
However if like me you found yourself down the cleaning isle more often and picking up everything she uses (and more) did you stop and think, 'do I really need/use this?' because I bloody well didn't!
I couldn't stop myself, even if I already had an item and I saw it in a different scent I HAD to have it. I'm an impulse buyer so I didn't really stop to think what I was doing. It only dawned on me when I was trying to organise it all to fit nicely into my cleaning cupboard that I actually realised, crap, I have bought LOADS.
I'm going to be perfectly honest here there is probably one thing I won't really use, well I will because I hate wasting things, but that is the Zoflora. which I bought two bottles of. A big mountain air one (I don't even have a pet) and a small fresh linen one. I've had the stuff previously and quite frankly I did't get on with it, but that's where my impulse buying kicked in and now it sits in my cupboard waiting to be used.
To show you the extent of how much I actually got, I'm going to list it all...oh boy, don't judge me. *hides behind hands*

- a BIG red basket
- a small orange basket
- pack of x2 grey baskets
- pack of x2 clear baskets
- x2 tupperware (for my wax melts)
- Paul the pine (stardrops pine disinfectant)
- Dettol disinfectant spray
- Zoflora in mountain air + fresh linen
- Elbow grease
- Cif cream
- Flash all purpose spray x2 (fresh cotton and blossom and breeze)
- Flash multi surface
- Cif kitchen spray
- Flash bathroom spray x2
- Viakal
- Spontex kitchen kit
- Spontex bathroom kit
- x2 packs of Pinkehs
- pack of x4 microfibre cloths
- Pledge dusting wipes
- Dave (pledge duster)
- a fake dave (Davina)
- Aldi anti-bac wipes
- Wilko scrubbing wipes
- Lenor fabric softener
- Astonish oxy active
- Lenor unstoppables
- Ariel gel
- x9 packs of various wax melts
- x4 wax melt burners
- Duck toilet cleaner
- Aldi floor wipes
- Harpic toilet tablets
- Bloo cistern tablets
- fake Minkehs (Morgan)
- Flash bathroom
- Duck toilet fresh discs
- Duck toilet fresh discs refill (because I couldn't get the marine one)
- Duck toilet pine strips
- Dishmatic 
- Dishmatic refills
- Batmatic sponges

I have found some new favourites that I think I will replace my old cleaning products with, like the Flash multi surface cleaner. I've been using it in my spray mop and it smells divine! And the Duck toilet cleaner.
There are also some new ones that I will continue to keep buying in the future, once I have used them all up! Defiantly some Dave refills. The Ariel gel with the Lenor fabric softer combined smells amazing and it really has lasted on our clothes, so I will be buying lots more of that in the future, but probably only when it's on offer as it is normally something like £8 a bottle! Duck toilet discs are here to stay and also the Harpic tablets because they are bloody amazing.
And of course there are those that I already had/used and will continue using such as Flash bathroom bottled and spray and good old Viakal.
After having Harrison I really did let my house go, but I found Mrs Hinch and she made me want to get up and clean, clean, clean. So thank you Mrs Hinch because you have helped me to find my love of cleaning again with a few new friends, Dave, Paul etc. I just don't think I needed to go as crazy as I did, oops!
Here's a quick little speed cleaning video I've done using some of my new products.

Did you go on a Hinch haul? Did you buy things you wouldn't normally? Have you found some new favourites? Let me know I'd love to hear about your own Hinch haul!

take care xo

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