Tuesday, 23 October 2018

The Day We Found Out

I remember it like it was yesterday, well it pretty much was, but one whole year ago! (and one day)
Me and Matt had had a ‘lovers tiff’ the previous night, so me being a me told him not to bother coming back home that night and I also didn’t want to see or speak to him when I woke up in the morning.
Now I was supposed to be going out for the night with my friend and because we were trying for a baby I thought I'd best take a test, just so I could determine weather or not I should be going out.
I took the test in the morning and to my eyes I saw nothing.
It’s funny really, but because we were trying I had downloaded several pregnancy apps and I was keeping up to date with them all and the bounty app was all about faint test lines that day.
I don’t know what made me think it, but I went back and got that little test out our bathroom bin and low and behold this time I saw the faintest line I had ever seen.
I thought surely not, so I proceeded to take another three tests and there they all were, three little tests with six little lines (two lines on each test)
I knew at that point I couldn’t go out and I knew I’d have to speak to Matt because we were pregnant, I couldn’t not share that moment of happiness even though I was still quite annoyed with him.
I’m pretty sure I text him something along the lines of
‘I suppose you should come home' to which he replied 'why?' and I just said, 'I'm pregnant'
Not really the most joyous of announcements, but it helped break the ice after a heated argument.
I was so happy because I had always had this little idea in my head from the moment we had started trying that it would be a great idea to reveal to our parents on Christmas day that we were expecting. The plan was to have a 12 week scan before Christmas day so we would have a picture to show, but as we all know plans never go how we intend. We did still reveal to our parents on Christmas day however.

Do you remember the day you fond out? How long ago was it? Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know, I love hearing all the stories about how people found out!

take care xo

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