Saturday, 10 August 2019

Aldi's baby & toddler event is BACK! (AD)

Since moving to Biggleswade we have become HUGE fans of Aldi and I'm happy to say their Baby & Toddler Special Buy event is back this August!
(online from Sunday 11th August and in stores from Thursday 15th August)

Aldi's Baby & Toddler event has a huge variety of items suitable from birth to nursery furniture to all day/everyday baby and toddler products at amazing affordable prices.
I always pick up the big value box of wipes priced £5.59 and they usually last me until the next baby event, so well worth it.
We are lucky enough to be working with Aldi on their August baby event and have been sent a selection of products that will be included in the event.


Lunch boxes are so handy to have and they don't just have to be for school. I love using them for days out for Ella and Harley, and now Harrison has his own cute Zebra one. I can't wait to see what other designs Aldi has in store for these lunch boxes that are coming out.
On the topic of food (sort of) how cute is this plate, bowl, cup and cutlery set?!

One if the new toys set to hit the baby and toddler event is this shape sorter which Harrison has taken a strong interest in playing with. He's at that age where he's intrigued to figure out things and how they work, so this toy has been keeping his little hands and mind busy working away.


The silicone bear night light has been a great addition giving off a comforting, colour changing, soft glow at bedtimes. It comes with x3 AAA batteries and has a 1 hour auto off feature. The nightlight will also be available in a rabbit or cat design too costing just £6.99.

Making life a little easier for bath time is Aldi's 2 in 1 conditioning shampoo which is available in berry-licious strawberry, tropical mango and lemon and tea tree oil. You can buy these separately for 79p or as a 3 pack for £2.37. I have been using these on Ella, Harley and Harrison.

As well as the products we have been sent, there is a huge variety of other products set to hit online and in stores such as a beautiful handmade moses basket with stand for just £29.99. It is suitable from birth with a breathable mattress, an embroidered quilt and an adjustable hood.
Capture those precious moments right from birth with the baby milestone blanket for just £9.99 and for mum a lightweight, portable breast pump for only £4.99 ideal for expressing on the go.
One of my favourite items coming to online only is the New Baby Gift Hamper (£39.99) witch includes;
- 3 pack organic body suits
- 3 pack organic sleep suits
- baby blanket 
- 3 pack dribble bibs
- 3 pack muslin cloths
- corner cushions (a safety must have!)
- 2 pack of soother 
- forever baby book
It comes in three different designs woodland animal, bunny rabbit and dinosaur and lion. The hamper has all those 'new parent' essentials making it the perfect gift for family, friends or even yourself, just because why not!

Baby Disney character pyjamas are coming with either Winnie the Pooh, Aristocats, Bambi or Dumbo featured on them, or for your toddler there will be Go Jetters, Bing, In The Night Garden, Hey Duggee or Teletubbies. Both baby and toddler pyjamas will be priced at £3.99 each.

Nursery furniture items that are exclusive to online shopping are a cot bed £129.99, which can be bought with the cot bed mattress for an extra £29.99, a wardrobe £119.99 and a changing table unit.
For 18 months+ there will be a toddler bed with mattress costing just £59.99, it features a support side rail and a washable mattress cover. If you've got the toddler bed, but you need the extras like a mattress protector or a duvet then Aldi has got you covered. The mattress protector will be £7.99 and the toddler duvet set will also be £7.99, amazing.

And don't forget to pick up an absolute baby essential NAPPIES!! Mamia nappies are my number one choice for nappies hands down, we've never had any issue with them and the prices are unbeatable. Size 1 newborn packs of 24 costs just 79p and our usual big pack of 72 size 5 cost £4.39.

Remember you can start shopping online from Sunday 11th August and in stores from Thursday 15th August, so be sure to head down to your local one for your baby and toddler bargains!


Friday, 24 May 2019

A visit to Bush Babes Baby Store in Chesunt

We were very kindly invited to come and have a look around at Bush Babes Baby Store in Chesunt, Hertfordshire. It was very easy to get to from Biggleswade and took around 30-40  minutes. It is located at one end of the high street and they have plenty of parking for customers, which is always a great big fat positive for me as I get such parking anxiety. Outside the front of the store they have spaces designated for car seat fittings too, so if you are looking to get a car seat and have it fitted on the day you can park here.

Upon entering the store I got all the magical feels you get when you enter a baby store for the first time. We saved most of the bigger bits from our second pregnancy, so we never actually went 'proper baby shopping' throughout our third pregnancy and wandering around the store made me realise that I had actually missed out on this kind of experience, especially because baby products have changed and improved so much since each of our babies.
It is light, airy and easy to guide a pushchair around if visiting with a baby. The staff were super friendly and so easy to talk to, they were more than happy to answer any questions we had and demonstrate with products found in the store.
silver cross pram Bush babes baby store bush babes baby store
Downstairs within the shop you will find car seats, pushchairs/bundles, strollers, highchairs, bouncers/rocking chairs, baby carriers, baby clothes, baby toys, nursing/feeding products, weaning products and nighttime products.
There are a great selection of car seats from groups 0, 1, 2 and 3. All your top brands such as Maxi-Cosi, Joie and Silver Cross and you are able to try them all out.
We were shown the next stage of carseat that would fit our isofix base and were able to try Harrison in it. Because this seat is forward facing we were kindly advised when he should move out of his current seat, that being when the crown of his head exceeds the back of the car seat. It is very reassuring to know that the staff are very knowledgeable when it comes to car seat safety, because even though we have a nearly 9 year old we had never known that about the crown of the head until now!
maxi-cosi peal car seat bush babes baby store car seats
The selection of pushchairs, strollers and travel systems they have to offer is simply amazing, there are some really beautiful designs out at the moment and Bush Babes stocks a lot in store and online. They also offer a variety of bundles, so if you are having your first baby (or just love to buy new for the next babe) this would be a great option as it works out cheaper than buying the items individually.
In store you are able to have a test go with the pushchair/stroller by pushing it around or folding it down to make sure you find the one that suits you most, be it for comfort, style or practicality like fitting in the boot of your car.
You will also find a great selection of pushchair accessories from sun shades/umbrellas to foot muffs. Funnily enough one of the sun shade umbrellas reminded me a lot like my own when I was little.
chelblogs bush babes bush babes baby store

pram selection silver cross pram
The clothing selection they stock is just adorable and so unique, you would defiantly be able to select your baby's going home outfit from here! They also stock my absolute favourite soft toys, Jelly Cat, which are suitable from birth.
Their main stock for feeding products are Dr Browns in store, but also stock Medela online. You will also find breastfeeding products such as breast pads, breast pumps, nipple cream, milk bags and breast feeding pillows.
bush babes baby store clothing jelly cat soft toys bush babes baby store feeding
Moving onto upstairs and don't worry there is a lift in store, so if you find the stairs hard you won't miss out. Upstairs you will find all your nursery furniture, bedding and bathing essentials. The set up for the nursery furniture is absolutely beautiful, it really give you an idea just how your baby's room could look if you intend to go all out. There is a great selection of cot beds ranging in colour and style so you really aren't limited on choice. You can too get the matching furniture in store or online for the cot bed such as a wardrobe and a changing table. My favourite was defiantly the Stokke oval shaped cot, something I have never seen before.
Popular brands such as Mamas & Papas, Snuz, Clair de Lune and Silver Cross can be found for baby's bedding from sheets, quilts, blankets, bumpers to sleeping bags.
They also stock travel cots an essential for that first (or many) nights away from the house. We picked up one on our visit as we know in the upcoming future Harrison will be spending his fist night away from us...sob!
You will also find your baby bathing essentials upstairs such as towels, changing mats, bath seats/supports and baby baths. 
bush babes baby store upstairs  stokke oval cot

clair de lune bush babes baby store review
If you are in the Hertfordshire area or like me Bedfordshire, I'd most defiantly recommend popping in to take a look. Thank you again Bush Babes Baby Store having us into the store.
Let me know if you decide to pop in and be sure to quote 'CHELSEA10' in store or online for a 10% discount.


Saturday, 18 May 2019

My Fairy Kitchen Garden - review

Ella and Harley have been busy building and growing with the My Fairy Kitchen GardenWe were very kindly sent the My Fairy Kitchen Garden to test out and review and the kids were super excited to learn all about how to grow and harvest pea shoots.

What's in the box?
In the box you get a planter box, a decorative fence/gate, pea shoot seeds, a fairy house to build and Fern the fairy.
There is no soil included, but you can pick this up cheap from any home store type shop.
My fairy kitchen garden   My fairy kitchen garden
 Like with anything first we had a good read of the instructions to figure what we needed to do in preparation to get growing. The instructions were easy to follow and we had no trouble reading them at all.
Next Ella began to build the fence around the planter box, whilst Harley built the fairy house.
My fairy kitchen garden
Once they had each finished building, it was time to soak the pea shoot seeds in water. We only needed to use half the packet so we will be able to regrow all over again!
Whilst the pea seeds were soaking Ella and Harley took  it in turns to fill the planter box with soil.
After the kids had put enough soil in (we filled up to the bottom of the fence line) they then added some water to make the soil nice and moist, then they added the fairy and her house to the end of the garden.
My fairy kitchen garden, wirepr My fairy kitchen garden My fairy kitchen garden
You have to leave the seeds to soak for quite some time, luckily we timed it perfectly so that the kids got to plant the seeds just before bed. I then put the planter box in a dark, warm space as instructed.
Once the seeds had started shooting, I took them out from the dark and placed the garden on a windowsill.
We planted the seeds on the 22nd and this was how much they had grown by the 29th! 
Since then we have cut and harvested our pea shoots several times.
My fairy kitchen garden My fairy kitchen garden
The kids worked really well together to build, plant and harvest the fairy garden. It is a really great and easy way to teach them how to grow and care for plants.
My fairy kitchen garden, wirepr

A big thank you to WirePR for sending us the My Fairy Kitchen Garden, be sure to check out my Instagram @chelseafullbrook where you can find us putting it all together in my 'collabs' highlights.


*this item was gifted, all opinions are my own*
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Thursday, 25 April 2019

Paradise Wildlife Park - Family Day Out

I love a good day out with the kids and Paradise Wildlife Park is defiantly one of my favourite places to visit. Thinking about it the last time we were here was for Harley's first ever school trip back in July 2016! Today (Sunday 21st April2019) was our first time at the park with daddy (Matt) which is just crazy considering we've been here a few times already, but he was very impressed with his first visit and could not believe the size of the park and the amount of things there are to see and do.

paradise wildlife park

The park is located in Broxbourne Hertfordshire. It is split across two, on one side you have all the playground apparatus, a splash park and the dinosaur exhibit. On the other side you have the animals. Considering it isn't your usual zoo the amount of animals they take care of is huge!
paradise wildlife park paradise wildlife park

We entered the park via the discovery centre as apposed to the main entrance as we were very kindly gifted a family pass for the day. This led us to a part of the park I had never actually been to. Here we saw many different species of bird like parrots, a kookaburra, a harris hawk and we even saw a baby owl! Ella was most impressed by all the different species owls they had as she is REALLY into her Harry Potter at the moment, her favourite was the great grey owl who came out during the bird show we watched later on in the day. A little fact we learnt during the bird show too is that owls actually can't turn their heads all the way around, did you know this?
paradise wildlife park paradise wildlife parkparadise wildlife park paradise wildlife park 
Next we headed towards the big cat section. Here you can see a great variety of different big cats, my favourite of course has to be the snow leopards! Every time we have been we have been lucky enough to see them, and this time one walked right past Harley when he was standing by the glass. We actually saw a lady doing an experience day where she got to feed the snow leopard so we really did get to see them quite close up.
We also saw the white lions who were quite happily lounging around and enjoying the sun. The park is building a new home for the white lions and is due to be ready in May 2019.
Other big cats we spotted were a tiger, a cheetah and a few jaguars just lounging around, one of them was just laying there on a tree branch all fours dangling.

paradise wildlife park 
There are several talks about the different animals at the park throughout the day and we managed to catch the penguin and the reptile talk. During the penguin talk we learned how the keepers identify each penguin by their chin stripes, there is one penguin who was very easy to spot as he had two stripes unlike any of the others. Then during the reptile talk we met a snake, it was very interesting to know that the snake could tell the shape and size of everyone in the room just by its tongue!

After we had a good wander round looking at all the different animals we decided to sit down and have some lunch. There are lots of picnic benches dotted around and even picnic areas too. We brought our own lunch, but there is onsite food places also.
Once we had finished lunch we ventured on to the other side to see the dinosaur exhibit.
The dinosaur exhibit is a MUST for any dinosaur fans, they are of what feels a realistic size the dinosaur would be and look out of this world! For each dinosaur there are plaques with facts about each one. Did you know that velociraptors were actually closer to the size of a turkey than how they are portrayed in the movies?

paradise wildlife park paradise wildlife park

paradise wildlife park paradise wildlife park

paradise wildlife park paradise wildlife park

paradise wildlife park

paradise wildlife park paradise wildlife park
There were a few things that we didn't manage to do such as the splash park (even though I did come prepared with swim wear and towels) the soft play or mini golf.
It honestly is such a great day out for all the family, even Harrison who is just 9 months old enjoyed looking at the different animals. I know for sure we will be back here.
paradise wildlife park paradise wildlife park

paradise wildlife park

Let me know if you've been here or are planning a visit, what are you most excited to see?
Be sure to check out their website for opening times and prices -
And thank you again to Paradise Wildlife Park for having us, we had the BEST day.