Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Six Months of Harrison | Baby Update

Oooooh so this is so so late, but you know what they say 'better late than never' and I can't not share with you Harrison's HALF YEAR update, or 6 months as most people would call it. When I sit here and type or say 'half a year' it puts into realisation just how quick he is growing...and how soon I will have to return to work and be without my baby😢
It's strange because I started working for Tesco when Harley was around 6 months, but now I can't imagine leaving my baby behind during the day. I did start off on evenings/weekends and have worked my way into a lovely office spot with daytime hours, but that is way besides the point. (perhaps I will do another blog post on work/returning) 
What I was trying to get at here was that time is closing in on these glorious days together, so I'm trying to take in as much as possible.

So we have officially started weaning! We dabbled a bit with some cooked parsnip then puree when Harrison was 5 1/2 months old because he was taking such an interest in our food, we personally thought he was ready. Since then we have been testing and trying out lots of new tastes with him. We have tried a variety of purees and home cocked veggies and I'd say his favourite fruit so far is banana and his favourite veggie without a doubt is broccoli, it is the one food he always eats and takes such an interest in. Although I was hoping to get really stuck in with BLW this time, I do find it hard to make up the meals and worry he just isn't interested when I do. I'm finding it A LOT harden this time round and I put that down to him being exclusively breastfed, whereas my first two were formula and it just felt so much easier.

Harrison is still yet to master the art of sitting. He can perch himself up with his arms out in front, but can not stay up for very long if he was to move an arm out of place. I'm not overly worried because babies can sit anywhere between 4-9 months.
I also have a hunch that he will be crawling before he can sit unsupported, like his older brother could. Saying that he is moving around quite a bit. He has learnt to push himself backwards and spin around to reach something that he wants. He has also been getting on his hands and knees rocking back and fourth!


The dreaded teeth! Harrison has defiantly been showing signs of teething as he has been super dribbley, slightly more moany than usual, waking a little more in the night than usual and having a slightly sore bottom. I still can't see any signs of the little pegs poking through, but I don't think any will appear quite so soon. His sister didn't get her first tooth until after her first birthday and shamelessly I can't remember when his brother got his. (I will have to look back through old photos to work that one out)

Harrison has been sleeping in a Chicco next to me since birth and I think he might finally be outgrowing it. This makes me a little sad because that means it is time for him to move into a cot. We were very kindly given a cotbed, but once we had put most of it together we realised it was way to big for our bedroom and it only had one very low down setting, not ideal for me just yet. So we've bought a cot and he will be going into that later this week. He will be staying in our bedroom for now just because he is breastfed so it will make it easier for me, and with him still waking in the night it wouldn't be fair on his brother if he was to wake him too.
His nap time has slightly changed, he will still fall asleep on the way home from the school run and I then move him into his bed where he will sleep for 45mins - 1 hour. He then has a sleep later around lunch time for up to 2 hours. Then he cat naps around 3pm or 5pm and has been going down slightly earlier at 7:30pm - 8pm.

His hair is defiantly thickening out and seems to be growing quite fast, I've noticed it getting quite long around by his ears. He is still sporting a beautiful bald patch on the back, but he has been itching it a lot so I think the hair is finally growing through..if he will let it! His hair colour seems to be very fair, but I mean it could go either way as Harley was the same sort of colour but now he is very dark.
Eye colour I still can't make out. It changes daily and outfit depending can really alter it strangely enough. I've been seeing more of a hazel fleck to them recently.
His 6-9 clothing is getting a bit snug and from some shops he is actually wearing 9-12.

baby led weaning

Now that he is slowly on the move, I'm sure our months ahead are about to become a lot more fun! If you would like to check out Harrison's 6 month update video I have left it down below.

take care xo


Friday, 11 January 2019

2019 'New Year's Resolutions' | January Goals

So I've seen that quite a few YouTubers have ditched your typical New Year's Resolutions and opted for monthly goals. This instantly appealed to me because I have so much I want to achieve this year, but if I break it down throughout the months of the year and do it little by little, I may actually end the year having achieved most (if not all) of my resolutions that I would have set for the whole year. I mean it makes sense really, instead of setting myself up to fail I might actually crack this!

Ok so my gaols for January, are you ready?
My first goal is to write AT LEAST one blog post a week.
Now this may seem small to some, but I'm a mum of three now, I have no hired help and I have a bigger house to maintain (and my sanity) trust me, it is hard! I'm hoping that if I start off small and regular it will lead to more than one a week and still keeping it regular, but baby steps.

My second goal is very similar to my first, but it's on the YouTube side of things. That's right I want to get AT LEAST one video up per week.
Again this may seem small to some, but I'm starting small and hoping to work my way up to three, maybe more, in the future.
A little side goal to YouTube is that I'd like to reach 1K either before or by the time I go back to work in July. So if you do like my videos, pretty please hit that subscribe button and help me work towards my dream!🙏🏼
(sorry for the little beg)

Ok third goal is to drink a minimum of x2 of my bottles of water.
The water bottles I use are these ones from Matalan, I'm not sure how much they hold I think it's roughly 700-900ml. 

Fourth goal is to STOP PICKING!!
Well I've actually said to myself to pick less simply because I am TERRIBLE for it. I will make a spot out of nothing and pick at my face most of the day given the chance. I've found if I tell myself to stop picking all together I will actually find myself sitting down at the mirror and picking even more. That's why I've said to myself for the month of January to pick less in the hope that each month it will get lesser and lesser.

My fifth goal is to go back to better portion control sizes.
This is something I got really good at before, but I think it kinda went downhill when I got pregnant with Harrison. I guess I used that as an excuse to eat anything I wanted and eat bigger meals. I mean I'm not some big greedy person who eats LOADS, it was more of eating/making a meal that served four and eating it between two (not the baby expression, me and Matt) more than anything.

My sixth and final goal is to be more organised for the month of January and so far it is paying off!
I got so bad in December, I stopped writing things down and as a result of that I missed Harley's B.A.T award assembly. (worst, mum, ever) But I have treated myself to two lovely new planners and have kept my diary for purely anything school or home, so sorta like our family calendar because we don't have one. One of my planners is purely for all things blog and vlog so I can jot down my ideas and when I'd like to upload them. My smaller one is simply for meal planning. If you'd like yo see a blog/video on my planners/diary let me know!

...and that's it! Fingers crossed I can smash my goals for January. Be sure to let me know if you have set yourself some monthly goals or if your sticking to the old NewYear's resolutions!
I've left my January goals video below if you'd like to check it out, be sure to subscribe to my channel to never miss an upload.

take care xo

Saturday, 5 January 2019

MyHummy How Are We Getting On? | AD

You may know that we were sent one of the new myHummy bears to try out and review. We have had our bear Max a little over a month now so plenty of time for me to give you an open and honest review on our time together so far.

Max the bear:
At a first look Max is absolutely beautiful, he is a deep, dark grey colour which has been very eye catching for Harrison. He instantly reached out for Max and found him very easy to grasp at. The bear is extremely soft with easy grip arms, perfect for those little hands that love to grab and wave things about rather frantically. 
The paws have a beaded texture to them which is great for baby sensory, Harrison especially liked the way they felt between his little fingers and thumb. The pouch to which you place the heart is done up by a zip (no nasty velcro!) meaning that the heart stays in place. Because you can remove the heart, Max and all the other bears are machine washable. This is great because we all know how far sticky fingers travel.

The heart:
Ah the heart, the thing that plays those sweet, sweet soothing sounds that help my baby to nod off! There are a total of three different hearts that you can get for the bears, we have the bluetooth one, meaning that we can control all sorts of useful settings simply through the touch of an app on my phone. It is so easy to set up and connect, and it has a pretty good reach. For example I will have put Harrison down for the night and I may have forgotten to turn the sleep sensor on. With great ease I simply open up the app and turn it on, no getting up going upstairs and fumbling around with the possibility of waking him. I also have the option to set an alarm notification, so if he does wake and the sleep sensor activates I will get a notification to my phone.

There are a total of five different sounds that play from the heart. I've been testing them all out with the help of myHummy's fabulous tips (found here) and we've discovered that Harrison likes the wiggly line (bottom left) and heart beat ones best. I've found that the wiggly line one soothes Harrison best for nap time and the heart beat is best for bedtime. This is great because he is recognising certain sounds for certain times of sleep.
The heart is very easily transportable thanks to the soft heart shape pouch that is also included.

How did we get on?:
Amazingly! Wonderfully! My absolute favourite thing is I can now move Harrison out of his carseat straight into his bed without him waking! 
We had a pretty good routine going during the week, Harrison would usually go off for a nap straight after the school run, but he would instantly wake as soon as I would try and get him out of the car seat and pop him into his bed, meaning I would then have to sit and feed him back off to sleep. Now however I put Max on and I'm able to move him into his bed without a peep! Its wonderful because he will stay asleep most days for an hour tops. I have finally been able to get back to doing what I love which is YouTube and my blog. I also have enough time to get some house work done without needing someone else to help. I feel like superwoman.
Harrison is still 'waking' in the night, but he dream feeds. When he stirs for a feed Max will turn on, I feed him and I'm able to put him back down completely settled thanks to the soothing noise coming from Max and I'm going to be completely honest here, it helps me doze back off too.
Harrison point blank refuses a dummy and some days I really just felt he needed one, but again Max saves the day. It's great because I never really wanted him to have a dummy (don't know why, I'm not anti-dummy my first two both had one) and this is an alternative because it really does sooth him.

Our myHummy has truly been a godsend and I can't believe I'd never heard of it before Harrison, I feel like I missed out big time!
You can find the other bears from Max's family and the other family over at www.myhummy.co.uk be sure to check out their Instgarm page to for exciting updates and offers @myhummyuk

You can also check out my unboxing video below and a chatty review is coming soon so make sure you subscribe so you don't miss it!
 Thank you so much for having us on the team, it's been the best time ever. Here's to sleep, sleep and more sleep!

take care xo