Friday, 8 March 2019

Trying to find balance...

So I totally abandoned my blog throughout the whole month of February and barely posted throughout January. I have to say I feel a little disappointed with myself for doing so.

I’m not a great writer, hell I'm pretty shit at it let’s be honest! I hated literacy in school and I really struggle to come up with my own ways to be creative with writing, but I love the idea of keeping my blog going.
I love sharing my journey through motherhood, lifestyle and connecting with other mothers who feel the same.

The thing with me is that when I get an idea I have so many others that come flooding in and I just want to try and get them all out there, which leads me to putting so much pressure on myself that I then never end up doing half the things I want to.

So, this is me telling myself that I need to slow down, my ideas aren’t going anywhere and if I sit and take the time with each one I might just get them out there.

Please bare with me whilst I try to figure this all out, I’ve just been really struggling to see how I used to fit it all in before having a baby. It seemed like I was doing so much more and now I’m doing less...or am I?