Monday, 8 April 2019

Baby Bath Time Essentials

Bath time can be a little exciting/daunting to any new parent, there are so many new 'gadgets' and products out there these days that I thought I would share with you what I find to be my personal baby bath essentials/favourites.  

First off nice and simple is a baby bath. Any will do, but I would recommend the IKEA baby bath I loved the design and funnily enough it was the cheapest one I'd looked at, just £7.

Once it is time to move out of the baby bath the Angelcare baby bath support is an absolute must have. (I do believe it fits in some baby baths, but we never tried it that way) Or you can just go straight into the big bath with this support, but if you want to save some water then a baby bath first.

We actually used the baby bath support a little longer than the recommended age limit, but after that we moved onto the Angelcare bath seat once we felt Harrison could hold himself better.

Harrison has eczema prone skin so we have to be careful what we put into his bath. Our personal favourite is Childs Farm baby bedtime bubbles. It's been approved by dermatologists and paediatricians so we know it is not going to cause a flare up with his eczema, it's also tangerine scented so he comes out smelling sweet and fresh.

We were using the Childs Farm baby shampoo, but Harrison was developing a thick layer of cradle cap at the top of his head (not due to the shampoo) so we switched to Dentinox cradle cap shampoo and it cleared it up really fast. We had used this shampoo previously with the older two children so we knew it worked well.

Last but not least a simple soft sponge. You can get these in a variety of places and they can come in many shapes and sizes, but we use some round ones from Asda.

Harrison has a bath every other day to help not dry his skin out too much, plus that is just how we have always done it. Matt is also the 'main' bather in our house, I think it's nice seeing as there are some things that only I do.

Be sure to let me know your bath time favourites and must haves and who is the main bather in your house?



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